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Wakulla Springs

Last weekend, my husband and I made our old college drive to Tallahassee to visit our sister- and brother- in-law. I think we could make this drive blind, as we’ve trekked up US 19 many times before, but we always enjoy it! It’s not scenic, like not at all actually, but it’s calming with not being on an interstate and all, and we’re always excited to visit the capital of our state… many memories!

Our reason for this trip was to go on a kayaking adventure with SIL and BIL. We are all about kayaking, don’t forget we’re super cool and own an inflatable one at home, and were excited to spend a day on the water with our family.

During my four years at FSU, I don’t believe I ever made the 30 minute drive out to Wakulla Springs! Wakulla is known for its paddling trails that people can partake on a canoe or kayak, and sight some wildlife while enjoying the outdoors. We rented our kayaks through T-n-T Hideaway Rentals, where SIL and BIL rode tandem in a 2-person kayak, and Ryan and I each had our own individual ones.


We brought along a cooler filled with water and beers, along with sandwiches and spreads we picked up from Publix on the way there. Once situated in our kayaks, Ryan may or may not have had an accident reaching for his life jacket (ironically) and got a refreshing start to our trip 😉 Totally to his benefit though, because it cooled him off from the start and that day was HOT.

We took off down the river (the water is fed from Wakulla springs) in our respective kayaks, and I immediately acknowledged the workout this could become. My arms and back started talking to me within 5 minutes of rowing, and I made the mental decision right then and there I would forcefully make this a relaxing trip, as I was in no mood to be doing a workout. That being said, I trailed our team the entire trip, but was more than okay with that.




We were paddling upstream for the first half, making those Publix goodies even more enticing once we made it to the turnaround point. We hopped out and just stood by our kayaks while eating our lunch, and also took somewhat of a dip to cool off. The water felt amazing! Once I realized how cool it was, I made sure to keep my toes dipped in off the side of my kayak for the ride back.


The ride back went with the flow of the river, however the wind was now against us. Overall, it was still very relaxing. We spotted turtles basking in the sun, an alligator, and a few manatees! Wildlife animals make me happy… as long as they’re far enough away and I’m not in the water 😉


We all came away with quite a bit of color (I tan/burn easily, even with multiple applications of sunscreen!) and the sun had wiped us out, but I’d say we were some happy campers. The outdoors always refreshes ya.

Tell me…

What kind of outdoorsy places do you drive to to get your fix of sun and sport?

 Any place you live nearby that is touristy, yet you’ve never been?

Do you have a Publix where you live?

(If not I highly suggest you go ahead and move to one…you’re welcome in advance)

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