Vancouver, BC

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My husband and I are all about traveling and exploring. We are pretty settled in where we live, but we don’t want that to keep us from seeing all there is out there and experiencing God’s beauty!

When it came to our “big trip for the year” we knew we wanted it to be around the time of our anniversary and we wanted a change of climate. End result: Alaskan cruise!

I plan to break up this vacation into a few different posts so that I can focus in on the detail of each place we went and to also keep you engaged. I wouldn’t want you to suffer through reading 3 hours worth of page-turning material all at once (although you would totally get through it for me, right?) 🙂

Our trip began with a flight into Seattle where we rented a car and drove to Vancouver (where our ship would eventually be departing from).

20140507_155253We drove a Chevy Spark around town. Ryan drove it like the true playa he is.


We didn’t have too much time in Vancouver, but we knew one thing we wanted to do that would allow us to see different parts of the city: a self-guided tour of the show Smallville’s “set”. We were able to google the farm, school, and coffee shop, printed it all out (can’t use our phones in Canada, eh!) and went on a hunt for the iconic places of one of our favorite shows! Yes, I know, we are special.


20140507_205743My own Clark Kent in front of the farm! 😉



20140507_183711In front of the “Talon” which was the coffee shop in the show where lots of drama occurred 😉


20140507_191855And last but not least, Smallville High! This part of town in real life is real weird. We cheered on the Crows then got the heck out 🙂

*Fun fact: we were married on the exact day of the SERIES finale of Smallville. As big time fans of the show, this was a pretty sweet coincidence!*

After we geeked out enough over seeing Smallville, we headed to the downtown area. This place was called the Seawall and was beautiful, especially for the time of day we were there!






We were super tired from the travel so when we got to our hotel we crashed. Like we even skipped dinner and that is a first for me. (Let’s be real, I’ll never let that happen again).

The next morning we woke up ready to explore more of Vancouver. After grabbing a quick bite to eat, we had heard good things about the suspension bridge in town and wanted to see what it was all about!

20140508_090635 Breka Bakery had good reviews, and we both loved it too!



20140508_101221Nothing wrong with some totem love

20140508_101630View from the bridge






It was a hidden gem! Lots of walking and beautiful views. I highly recommend taking some time exploring this place if you’re ever in the area.

20140508_142028We finished by splitting some salmon jerky and beer… all before noon!

Around lunchtime we headed to the port to board our cruise! We went on a cruise for our honeymoon and also went on a 2-night cruise with some good friends, but we knew this one would be very different than cruises past!

Tell me…..

Ever been to Canada? 

What is a show that you secretly love(d) that you’re a tad embarrassed admitting??

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