The Great Westchase 5k Recap

The Great Westchase 5k Recap

Second 5k of the season under my belt!

Following my first one 2 weeks ago, I have been working on getting faster by adding some interval training to my runs. I only did 2, but they seemed to help! I walked away with a brand new PR and finally broke 25 mins 🙂

I’m even more ready and excited to continue this kind of training to see how it will help the rest of my races.

The Great Westchase 10k/5k was only about 15 mins away from where I live, which allowed a bit of “sleeping in” again like last time. I had originally signed up for the 10k at 7am, but a couple weeks ago decided I wanted to try for another 5k success. I made the switcheroo and was happy with my decision: when I made it to Westchase, the 10k was beginning and it was PITCH BLACK out. The lighting in the streets wasn’t very good, and I was ever so happy with my decision to do the 5k later in the morning.

I parked and made my way to the registration/packet pick-up table where I was pleasantly surprised with the lay-out: gender specific dri-fit shirt, a drawstring bag with the race’s logo on it (and purple! I love purple!) with goodies inside including a race coozie (because the 2.3 milli we have at home will never be enough) and much-needed Biofreeze and Advil. It’s the small things in life sometimes…

Any way, I hustled back to my car to drop it all off, put on my race bib, earphones, and chug some water before heading back to the start area to get ready to race!

I didn’t warm up (aka jog a bit) before… I completely forgot! I was reminded right at the start of the race, when my legs told me they should’ve been shaken out a bit beforehand. Oh well, off I was!

This race was much bigger than the last, and I wanted to stay near-ish to the front (more like front-middle) to challenge my pace a bit. Unbeknownst to me (ps autocorrect helped me spell that word), Ryan was up and drove to the race, was in his car finding parking at the start but was able to catch me!

The Great Westchase 5k Recap

When I mentioned to him later “I’m surprised you were able to spot me!” He replied, “You have a very distinct run”…. I don’t know how to take this. However, the pic the race photographer got of me is horrendous so I now know. I’m using the “Copywriting is illegal” excuse here to get out of sharing it with you.

The whole race felt hard, again I don’t think I ever fell in a groove, but my Garmin helped a bunch to pace me. If I saw faster than 7:45, I took it down a slight notch (because right now I just can’t hold that pace for too long and didn’t want to burn out), and if I was slower than 8:10, I’d pick it up. A bit exhausting looking down at the watch a lot, but I really wanted to meet my goal of a sub-25 minute 5k, and sometimes you gotta do whatcha gotta do to meet a goal! I knew in my head an average pace of 8:00 would get me just under 25 mins.

The Great Westchase 5k RecapAs I was on the home stretch I could barely make out the time clock, but could see 24:1x so I knew it was time to book it so I could beat my time! Getting closer, I heard someone yell out my name, which is a miracle since I blare my music at the cochlear-damaging level, and I turned to see Ryan smiling and taking pics. So surprised and happy that he was there, and that’s what I needed to push it just a bit more to cross the line. The Great Westchase 5k Recaplooking for who was cheering… The Great Westchase 5k Recapface of happiness (& fatigue) The Great Westchase 5k Recap The Great Westchase 5k RecapMy mile paces were: 1- 7:46 (fastest mile to date on my Garmin) 2- 7:58, 3- 8:04 average pace 7:53/mile with a Garmin-recorded time of 24:41 (my chip time was 24:43 but since it’s slower I’m disregarding that 😉 The Great Westchase 5k Recap

So not doing very well on the “negative splitting” goal I set out for myself, but I think it may just be harder for shorter distances. Form was addressed earlier and I’ll leave it at that 🙂

Post-race was quite a set-up! This is a very kid-friendly neighborhood so there was a lot for kids to do, including a 1-mile fun run- so cute! Plus it was Halloween so nearly every vendor was giving out candy. Score. Good food catered from a nearby restaurant, and beer available, so obviously I will be back next year.

One of my favorite families came out to cheer me on…. the one on the left was my whole world for about 1.5 years right out of college– I had the privilege of being her nanny while deciding what I wanted to do with my life, and it was the greatest job ever. She now has a sister and the fam somehow got cuter.

The Great Westchase 5k Recap

Needless to say, this was a great race and happy day for me, I feel truly blessed 🙂

Today I am resting, wearing my compression calf sleeves (my calves get ridiculously sore following races, but never training!?) and plan to foam roll and stretch if I can slide off this couch.

Tell me….

What gets most sore on you after a hard race?

First job outta college? Did it have anything to do with your degree?

Do you wear a watch to pace yourself when running, or strictly go off of feel?