That Half Itch

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Hey Molly, remember that time you achieved a life goal and trained for a half marathon even though you never thought you could do such a thing and before you knew it you were running it and before you knew it you had done it and when you crossed the finish line your eyes filled with tears because you were so incredibly happy and thankful but then you couldn’t move your bod properly for a solid 48 hours, cursing all encounters with stairs, and you swore to yourself and others that yeah I’ll just stick to smaller distances and never run a half ever again?

Hi, I’m Molly Rose and I tell lies and I’m running another half.

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Here’s why:

I had no hardcore goals going in to my first half marathon. All I knew was that I wanted to FINISH. That in itself would be a huge accomplishment for me. My guesstimated finish time was around 2:10ish, allowing for 10 min miles which I figured I could maintain for a distance like that. However, I think all us humans have dream goals… ones that we are not sure we can accomplish and if we don’t that’s okay, but man if we DO achieve that, wouldn’t that be something…

My dream goal was to run sub-2 hours. Here’s the thing, I didn’t train for sub-2 so I didn’t expect to run sub-2. It’s just one of those things in the back of your mind that floats there like hey wouldn’t that be cool if.

But seriously this was my time: 2:00:3220140121_165654

Knowing that I was this close to getting my dream goal has been killing me softly since January 19, 2013. So yeah … I’ve got the itch to chase my goal-time and I’ve picked this coming October to go for it!

What I’m doing different:

I will be using an actual training guide. Sounds like a crazy idea to me, but the whole wing-it thing I tend to do with my plans doesn’t always end with success 😉 I am trying not to get toooo excited about a PR and sub-2 and whatnot, but right now I need something to shoot for, something to put my mind to, something to train for. And I love running so here I am! I realize even with a training program I may not reach my goal. And that is okay. For me it’s about discipline and giving all you got… actually working for a goal, not just hoping it happens by chance.

I have decided to use Hal Higdon’s Half Marathon training program. I’m pretty excited about it, and I get started in August, eeee!

halhigdontraininghalfI’m curious to see if I will actually follow this thing through to the end (in addition to my wing-it problem, I also have a finishing-a-project problem). But I hope I do and I will keep you updated! I plan to post my training at the end of weeks 4, 8, and 12, so let’s see how I do!

Tell me…

Did you use a training guide when you train for a race? Do you make up your own or follow someone else’s?

Share a current dream goal of yours… doesn’t have to be fitness related!

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