St Lucia

The second stop our cruise ship took us was to St Lucia. The view we had from our balcony that morning got me giddy for the day, as mountains and water are the ways to my heart.

My SIL went to St Lucia for her honeymoon and highly suggested the Joe Knows tour. After researching a little bit back home, we decided the Land and Sea tour would be a fun, adventurous way to see the island. It included: speed boat ride to/from port (this was not a cruise excursion), a “detoxifying” mud bath, a waterfall, an authentic Creole lunch, snorkeling, and drinks on the ride back to the ship. Sounds good enough for us!

There were only a handful of us from the ship who booked this tour, and our speed boat picked up some others who would be touring with us from the Sandals resort on the island. Our guide, Shavan, had a great personality- and speech- and talked about the island a bit during the boat ride. These guides know how to entertain, and had us all laughing especially how they ended nearly every sentence saying “Joe Knows”. i.e. “If you ever want to go to a fish fry, go to this beach on Friday night for the best fish you ever had. Joe Knows” or “See that mountain? You can hike it. But we won’t be your guides for that. Joe Knows no hiking”. ….you had to be there….

First stop: mud bath. It smelled TERRIBLE – think rotten eggs- but once they brought out the buckets of mud, things got fun. Ryan was not shy and was the first person to dig in and pour sulphur all over his wife 🙂 We had maybe too much fun slathering each other in warm slimy disgusting-ness. There was a photographer there who snapped pics of us looking so nice, however she was from Sandals and couldn’t provide us with the pictures, darn 🙁

Once muddied up, we hopped into some hot HOT springs. It hurt bad stepping in, but once submerged it felt amazing. We had a hard time getting the mud off each other, though, and hopped back into the van a little discolored. Good thing the next stop was: the waterfall!

We were told the waterfall was not cool, but refreshing. AKA their way of saying FREEZING. It did feel refreshing once I got my whole bod in, but at first it felt like I was doing an ice bath after a long run! Brought the go pro to this…

The Creole lunch was next. They put together quite the spread for all of us….and unfortunately I cannot remember what any of the dishes were, except I was hungry and it satisfied 🙂 I definitely enjoy trying food of other cultures. I tend to eat the same things over and over at home, which I don’t mind, but I like introducing my taste buds to new things. Isn’t it crazy how we all eat differently around the world?

Following lunch was a chance to do some snorkeling. I don’t like putting my mouth on those things, gross, so I simply floated about while Ryan had some go pro fun underwater.

The water here felt great and I could’ve floated about for hours, but the tour was coming to an end. Once back on the speed boat, we had quite an entertaining ride back to the cruise port. Rum punch is the drink of this place, and we got our party booties handed to us! Such powerful stuff in such little cups! Shavan and Maggie showed off their dancing skillz with music blaring. I love watching people dance… it really makes me happy when people let loose a little, and I think they had everyone on the boat laughing pretty hard. Great way to end the tour!

That guy. Believe it or not, his wife was ALLLLL party. As in…she knew every lyric to Anaconda and asked for a roadie of rum punch … hero. 😉

Needless to say, when we hopped back on shore and onto the ship, Ryan and I passed out hard. We woke up to eat dinner then crashed again. A sign of a good day….Joe knows.

Tell me…

Ever had super entertaining tour guides? Where??

Ever covered yourself in mud for fun? And were older than 4 when you did it?

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