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St Louis Day 3

Our last day in St Louis started out with a run, followed by touring the Budweiser brewery, and a visit to the zoo.

9am called for a jog around Forest Park with my brother. I rarely get to see this kid, and his character and attitude towards life inspires me, so I needed to get as much time in with him as possible. Meaning I forced him to set an alarm and pick me up so we could get our run on in the blazing heat 🙂


It was hot and nasty out, so there was some suffering involved, but we made it out alive much thanks to the below waterfall near our parked car.



I’ve been on a handful of beer tours and wine tours and I think they’re a great thing to consider when looking for something to do in a new-to-you city. The main Budweiser plant is located in St Louis, so naturally we had to check it out.

They offered a variety of tours, but we chose the free one! 🙂 It was a 45 minute tour both outside the buildings and inside certain rooms where the brewing goes down.

I couldn’t believe just how huge the place was! Apparently they use to have a schoolhouse there, and the tour guides joked that the teachers would come back from their break all tipsy so they had to close it down. Understandable.

20150727_112754_HDRThe Anheuser-Busch horses!!! JK, there’s like hundreds of them, but I definitely recognize these guys from a commercial 😉


20150727_114226_HDRA room that was ridiculously cold

20150727_115826_HDRA room that was ridiculously hot


Perhaps one of the highlights was the end of the tour where we got a cold one fo free! Not even sample size you guys. They do it right.



The last on our agenda for St Louis was visiting the zoo. I’ve been to so many museums and zoos and aquariums when we travel but the St Louis zoo just got themselves a polar bear and apparently it’s quite a big deal. Plus the zoo was free. So yeah, we ended up there.

The struggle was real.

I loved his (her?) paws. So cute and cuddly! (Though Ryan pointed out they’d tear up my face and I will have none of that)

Monday vibes.

And that concluded our trip, folks! It was great visiting my brother and I hate that it took me so long to get there in the first place. Cannot wait to visit him in his next place of residence… coming soon 🙂

20150727_205311_HDROur flight home. No filter. Just right.

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