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So my husband and I jumped out of a plane on Sunday. On purpose.

Ryan went skydiving before we were dating, and when he told me about his experience, it’s all I’ve ever wanted to do. Ask me this pre-Ryan, answer: hail no.

I’ve had a few friends go skydiving, and between hearing their experiences and seeing their ridiculous faces in the photos, I knew it must be done. 

A couple months ago, Ryan saw a skydiving opportunity pop up on Groupon, and bought it. At first I was all excited, but then after like 5 minutes I thought what the heck am I about to do?! 

We finally booked a date and it was time to put my big girl panties on and go on an adventure in the sky. We went to Skydive Orlanpa to do this thing. Our reservation was at 4:30, but when we got there they were “a little behind” due to weather. I am glad they take weather seriously, but I started to wonder if we were ever going to actually get to go, since they won’t fly up after sunset.

Well, wouldn’t ya know, by the time we were up, it was nearing sunset. We literally got the best view, and the two guys we were flying tandem with were all excited they got to jump at sunset (I guess this is rare). So yay us and yay them for being delayed! :)

I am selfish so we only purchased the video/pictures for me (Ryan says since he’s done this before it was a bigger deal for me. I reeled in a good one). Below is the photoshoot. If you don’t laugh out loud at certain ones, I can’t guarantee a continued friendship. My cheeks.

Image5Do I look like I’m going to throw up? Because I’m about to throw up.

Image13Ryan about to rock n roll his way out









Image49This was one of the coolest parts. Going through the clouds! It was chilly too!

Image53Hey! The parachute worked! See, mom, I told you!




Image72Landing left a mark on my booty, but overall Ronaldo did a good job ;)

Image75Glad to be on solid ground.

The BEST parts:

-falling out of the plane. You just tumble and it’s just great.

-feeling like I can fly. So cheesy, I know, but it was an incredible feeling

-going through the clouds

-finding out the parachute worked

-floating down looking at the tops of trees. Breathtaking.

-getting to steer the parachute

-touching my feet on grass. I love the ground.

My LEAST favorite parts:

-the tiny tiny aircraft that got us way up in the air

-watching Ryan fall out of the plane. lol

-having chapped lips the second I exited the plane (I looooathe chapped lips, and the wind knew my weakness! Wind 1, Molly’s lips 0.

-when my tandem guy pulled the parachute. The harness sure was snug!

-the rash on butt (I know you wanted to know that one).

While skydiving isn’t for the faint of heart I HIGHLY recommend doing this ONCE in your life. It’s an experience like no other, and I had the best time of my life with my best friend.

Go do it.

Have you ever been skydiving?!

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