Seaside & Florida Cavern Adventure

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Ryan and I made plans to visit his mom and step-dad in Pensacola for a long weekend getaway. We don’t get to see them very often, thanks to distance, so we wanted to make a visit mid-year before heading up again for Christmastime!

To break up the drive (7 hours wahh!) we stopped overnight at our old stomping grounds, Tallahassee, to spend the night at my sister-in-law’s.

Seminole Stadium!!

We caught up with his sister, and woke up the next morning to meet my brother for breakfast. I haven’t seen baby bro since Easter-ish, so I was happy to see him AND FINALLY meet his beautiful girlfriend! My brother had to head to work after so we decided to be annoying and follow him to grab a quick cup o’ joe before finishing the drive!

Einstein expert.

We arrived in Pensacola and spent the majority of the remainder of the day visiting with his mom. His stepdad had picked up tickets to the local baseball team’s game that night, and while Ryan and I hesitated about going, we are so glad we did!


It was a small, but very neat stadium with great views! And afterwards, we got some fish tacos from a food truck looking like an airstream!!! (I one day would love to travel about in an airstream. To no particular place but if they have fish tacos that’d be great)

Front row!

Me modeling our future home

Anyway! We had originally planned to take out his step-dad’s boat for a day on the water, but the seas were rough so we decided to spend the day at a semi-nearby town called Seaside.

We I have decided Seaside is where Ryan and I will retire. It is a quaint town with expensive shops, yummy restaurants overlooking the water, people biking everywhere, and endless ice cream shops. Yes.


Food market! Tasted some yummy samples!



I forgot my sunglasses on this trip, so Ryan’s mom offered to let me wear hers that she only wears on the boat. I felt fancy too, because they had kroakies attached. Okay, maybe not fancy, more like frat boy-ish, but hey they were pretty convenient.

Can’t really tell, but the water was so blue!


View from the restaurant

Nifty bookstore/music store


And we maaay have hit up some outlets on the drive back to Pensacola. The Coach store had EVERYTHING 50% and I may have helped them out with them selling their stuff 😉

We headed back home the next day (quick trip, we know!) and stopped at the Florida Cavern State Park that we spotted on our way up!

The caverns are located in Marianna, FL and offer tours throughout the day. We signed up for a tour and are glad we did!

Our tour guide led us to the caverns where he taught us about stalagtites and stalagmites and columns and prisoners. Yes….if you break off a piece of rock yo a$$ going to prison. These hands stayed in my pocket!

{{Anyone remember this snl sketch with JT??? Recognize those rock formations, yo!}}

These caverns were amazing! It stays 67 degrees inside the caves all year long—-isn’t that the coolest?! (Pun intended.) We went crawled from room to room taking in the caves and I would highly recommend this adventure to anyone who has time to make a pit stop in Marianna!

A walk-through cave we ventured through before out tour. It was very dark and creepy!!



It takes years and years for the stalagtites and ‘mites to grown a CENTIMETER! Hence why it’s so important not too touch! After millions of years they will meet in the center and form a column. Lesson learned for the day. Go back to bed now.





I know, I was thinking the same thing too….death by stalagtite.



Fun weekend for the two of us! Sometimes just a getaway weekend is all that’s needed =)

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