Pros & Cons of Blue Apron

Pros & Cons of Blue Apron

Now that I’m a few deliveries into Blue Apron, I thought I’d put together a post Pro-Con style to share what I like and dislike about the company, in case you are interested in trying it out. No sponsorship or advertising here, just willingly sharing since I think it’s great!


1: Less money and time spent at the grocery store.

Am I the only one that wonders around the store, buying bogos and stuff that when put together doesn’t exactly constitute as a meal? K good, I love not being alone

Since I know 3 of my weekly dinners are already set, I really don’t buy all that much except for the staples and lunch stuff.

2: You have a present at your door once a week.

If you’re like me and get some sort of satisfaction out of seeing a package at the doorstep for you, then you will love this company. Coming home from a long day at work to see 3 delicious meals just waiting for you to put together is pretty darn great.

3: Eating out less

The food is fresh, but not forever, so it’s imperative that you cook it when you get it (I usually spread it out throughout 1 week, so cooking like every other day). This in turn, causes you to eat out less which is a good thing in my opinion! You know everything that is going into your meals, and you get the satisfaction knowing YOU made it.

4: It’s healthy & fresh & fantastic

5: It causes you to try cooking something completely new

We all have our go-to’s, and while we’re pros at them by now and can do them blindfolded with only minor burns, it’s good to branch out. Nudge the noggin. Open your mind and your senses. See what’s out there.

6: The recipes are all online, so you can go back and recreate anytime you want!

Before this, I had never made my own sauce (seriously). Now, I have tasted some real good stuff that I made, and can refer back at any time to the recipes online! They give you recipe cards with your shipment, too, but if you tend to lose things like me…. #internetisforever

7: All you really need are pots and pans and salt and pepper and aluminum foil.

They provide everything. We’re talking even the “2 tbsp butter”. How nice is that?! Not only that, but everything is perfectly portion-sized for you. You rarely measure things out and you don’t have to worry about over-eating. Each meal is approximately 700 calories.

8: You can customize your meals and delivery.

You let them know what you like and don’t like when it comes to the protein (and there’s a vegetarian option) After your first delivery, you get to choose out of 6 meals which ones you want to try. You can choose when it gets delivered and whether they can leave it on your doorstop or not. You can skip weeks (just make sure to do it at least a week ahead of time!)

9: You feel like you’ve become a chef who should have their own TV show

Thought about contacting Food Network but I realize I have limitations.


1: It’s a bit expensive.

I guess if you put it in comparison to going out to eat, then not so much. But it is $60/week for 2 people for 3 meals ($10/meal). So I’d just take a look at what you normally spend on food, and see if it’s worth it to you.

2: It is time consuming

I bet if I did a poll, most people would say they eat out because it’s quick and convenient. Yup, sure is, and I am totally guilty of it quite often. But doing it too often can become expensive and not so great for your health, so putting the time and effort in the kitchen really is worth it. Pour yourself a glass of wine, have some patience (if you’re impatient in the kitch like me) and enjoy the cooking process! It’s been rewarding for me each time, but I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who might not find the time it takes to be worth it. It’s not for everyone or every family. So far, its taken me about 40 mins to an hour from start to in my mouth

3: No leftovers

Since it’s portion-sized ready for you, it’s made for exactly 2 people, no more no less. I am super happy that it is super filling, however don’t count on leftovers.  Usually when I cook on my own in the blind (aka whatever I come up with to cook and oftentimes scary and unpleasant to the average palate) there are leftovers that can be used for lunch the next day. So just make sure you get food for lunch at the grocery store!

Tell me….

what is your go-to meal to cook?

how often do you eat out? (no judgments)

do you enjoy the cooking process?

who has taken cooking classes?