PiYo Week 1

Hello! Just finished up my first week of piYo and recapped it below for ya.

A lil more info on the PiYo program: it is part of the BeachBody deal (p90x, shakeology, etc) and focuses on body-weight training. Really all you need is your mat, which is what sold me the most! With the basic purchase, you receive the DVDs for all the workouts (10 different ones in total), a calendar for you to see what your weeks ahead look like, a sample eating plan with a calorie target calculator to help guide you, along with a food list to choose from, and lastly, a measuring tape to measure your progression in the program!

The calorie target calculator is there to help you figure out how many calories to consume per day, and therefore which “food plan” to follow. I am not doing this program for weight loss nor do I count my calories, however I still used the calculator to see about where I should be. I am still following my own lower-carb lifestyle (because it’s a lifestyle not a diet 😉 ) but still appreciate the food plan as a guide!

There’s one set rest day per week, but as I always like to say… rest when your body needs to rest. As you’ll read below, I did my own kinda thang during the week. I’m not being as strict on myself as I was with the liveFit program … just a heads up 😉

There is also an online support system you can use to keep yourself accountable and to encourage others that are also PiYoing!

So back to recapping my first week….

The first day of PiYo is called Align: The Fundamentals. It’s 40 minutes (the longest one in the program) and gives you the basics you’ll be performing in the program. Think basic yoga poses broken down. As someone who regularly practices yoga, I didn’t learn too much BUT I thought it was a great overview of all those poses you hear about (i.e. “downward dog” “chataranga” etc) and Chalene explains what you should be doing and what you should be avoiding, goes over the proper posture and alignment in each pose, and provides modifications for those just starting out.

Being in the physical therapy field, I appreciate when I see a coach/trainer/instructor of any type take the time to teach you the basics. They are so important! I can’t imagine the number of injuries that occur because people try a new-to-them workout without the proper training and knowing how their body should be aligned, or where they should feel the workout. I feel like lots of workouts encourage balls-to-the-wall from the get-go. Have fun at the doc’s office while covered in ice packs 😉

Day 2 & 3 were “define lower body” and “define upper body”, respectively. I didn’t feel too challenged with these workouts, and they reminded me a lot like a yoga class, but shortened. A lot! It felt like a warm-up during a yoga class. The idea of a 20ish minute workout is very appealing to me BUT I want it to kick my booty in that amount of time. A friend at work who has done PiYo suggested doing the “sweat” workout after a “define” workout to add a little more substance. I’ve yet to do that though, instead I’ve either gone for a walk outside following, or done some more core work to add time and feel like it’s more of a workout.

The “sweat” workout ( day 4) was just what I needed to help turn my mind around about this program. It kicked my booty! It was longer than the define workouts – 35 mins in length- and had my legs shaking by the end. I lifted weights at the gym before doing this workout (squats on squat rack, bicep curls, and calf raises) so this could’ve contributed to the shakiness, but either way, I like when my legs feel wobbly, means I did work. 😉 I was definitely a sweaty mess by the end. One thing I didn’t like… this workout included some burpees. NOT COOL CHALENE. 🙂

Days 5 & 6 you repeat the define lower body and define upper body workouts. Like I said earlier, they are a little short and don’t feel very effective (to me), so I decided to combine the 2 for a longer workout. PiYo has some unique-to-the-program moves that are incorporated in the workouts, some I like, some I don’t. I’m sure at some point I’ll bore you more and do a demo post.

And that wraps up week 1! So far, I’m not too impressed, but still enjoy it enough to keep going on. I’m hoping it will lead good results and make me stronger for my yoga practice.

Tell me….

how do you do a burpee? (there’s more than one way and I’m interested to know how you do them!)

do you meal plan/food prep at the beginning of your week? or each day decide what you’ll eat and make it?

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