That Half Itch

Hey Molly, remember that time you achieved a life goal and trained for a half marathon even though you never thought you could do such a thing and before you knew it you were running it and before you knew it you had done it and when you crossed the finish line your eyes filled with tears because you were so incredibly happy and thankful but then you couldn’t move your bod properly for a solid 48 hours, cursing all encounters with stairs, and you swore to yourself and others that yeah I’ll just stick to smaller distances and never run a half ever again?

Hi, I’m Molly Rose and I tell lies and I’m running another half.

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Here’s why:

I had no hardcore goals going in to my first half marathon. All I knew was that I wanted to FINISH. That in itself would be a huge accomplishment for me. My guesstimated finish time was around 2:10ish, allowing for 10 min miles which I figured I could maintain for a distance like that. However, I think all us humans have dream goals… ones that we are not sure we can accomplish and if we don’t that’s okay, but man if we DO achieve that, wouldn’t that be something…

My dream goal was to run sub-2 hours. Here’s the thing, I didn’t train for sub-2 so I didn’t expect to run sub-2. It’s just one of those things in the back of your mind that floats there like hey wouldn’t that be cool if.

But seriously this was my time: 2:00:3220140121_165654

Knowing that I was this close to getting my dream goal has been killing me softly since January 19, 2013. So yeah … I’ve got the itch to chase my goal-time and I’ve picked this coming October to go for it!

What I’m doing different:

I will be using an actual training guide. Sounds like a crazy idea to me, but the whole wing-it thing I tend to do with my plans doesn’t always end with success 😉 I am trying not to get toooo excited about a PR and sub-2 and whatnot, but right now I need something to shoot for, something to put my mind to, something to train for. And I love running so here I am! I realize even with a training program I may not reach my goal. And that is okay. For me it’s about discipline and giving all you got… actually working for a goal, not just hoping it happens by chance.

I have decided to use Hal Higdon’s Half Marathon training program. I’m pretty excited about it, and I get started in August, eeee!

halhigdontraininghalfI’m curious to see if I will actually follow this thing through to the end (in addition to my wing-it problem, I also have a finishing-a-project problem). But I hope I do and I will keep you updated! I plan to post my training at the end of weeks 4, 8, and 12, so let’s see how I do!

Tell me…

Did you use a training guide when you train for a race? Do you make up your own or follow someone else’s?

Share a current dream goal of yours… doesn’t have to be fitness related!

Juneau, Alaska


Sunrise: 4:40am, Sunset: 9:10pm

Weather: High 64, Low 44

Rise n shine! Time to venture off the boat and into a new (to us) land! 🙂

Our first port was the capital of Alaska: Juneau. We had no plans for Juneau, didn’t book an excursion or anything, so here we planned on simply wandering around. It was a mile from the ship to the town, and while most people paid $10 (a piece!) to get there, we opted to use our working legs and take a walk!


First stop: coffee. Always coffee. We sipped away while strolling down the street looking in different shops.


We happened upon the Alaska Brewery Co store where we noticed a group of people sitting around waiting for…something, so we asked what was going on. Oh, they’ve signed up for the brew tour, would you two like to join? Um, yes!!

We’ve done one other brew tour in Tampa and really enjoyed it, so why not give one a go in Alaska! It left about 10 mins after we signed up, and all of us (10 maybe?) crowded in a van to take a mini-tour of Juneau before stopping at the brewery. This wasn’t the typical sketchy van you climb in to on a Caribbean excursion, something I definitely liked about the uniqueness of our cruise destination! 😉



Our driver guide shared facts about Juneau while we took in the small-town scenery around us. *Fun fact: there is a pelican statue in front of the capital building. There is not one pelican in the land or sea of Alaska. It was mistakenly sent to Jueau instead of Tallahassee, where you will find a statue of an eagle! Whoops! Nobody switched it correctly and during my 4 years at Florida State I thought nothing odd of that eagle 🙂

Once at the Alaskan Brewing Company, we were handed a glass and told we could sample 6 of their different beers. Instructions I can follow.


My favorites were the White and Summer ales. Our tour guide kept encouraging us to all try the Smoked Porter beer….it smelled like bacon and was a tad strong for me, but at least we gave it a go!


We met a couple who are from Ryan’s hometown and were FSU fans (and were 70+ years old but we don’t discriminate), and then we also made our-age friends that we ended up spending the rest of the day with!

After the brew tour, we went to the Red Dog Saloon with our new friends where our buzz continued for a little while longer before we all decided to explore a nearby glacier.


At this point I was very glad with the decision I made to wear rain boots. At first I felt a little silly in them since no one else seemed to have them on, but they came in handy when I wanted to cross the water! 🙂



IMG_1570Ryan grabbed this floating beast from the water.

IMG_1562We tried telling people they could take a pic with the mini-glacier for $5. We made no money and now we actually owe ourselves $5



There were different excursions to choose from that involved the Mendenhall Glacier however we were both happy we went our own route to see this beauty!



It was crazy windy and cold, but amazing!! We had so much fun walking around this area and trying not to get soaked.

We had a great time with our self-made excursions in Juneau and meeting new people. Unfortunately they were from a different boat, so we didn’t get to hang at any other time, but they were a lot of fun to explore Juneau with!

20140511_201926Dinner pic #4

Tell me…

Ever done a brew tour? 

Other spectrum, but has anybody gone to Martha’s Vineyard??  That’s another bucket-lister for me! 🙂

Off To Alaska!

All Aboard!

After our short Vancouver trip we were all aboard Celebrity Solstice!


We were greeted onto the ship with a glass of champagne. Yespleaseandthankyou.

We spoiled ourselves a bit and got a room with a balcony! We had one for our honeymoon, and loved the romantic touch it added to our vacation. Had we gone with friends on this trip, we probably would’ve saved our dollars and opted for an inside  room, but when it’s just the two of ya, it is a really nice plus to your vacation!


We roamed around the ship a bit and hit up the buffet. Oh, cruises. You know how to offer overindulgence with a small side of guilt, don’t ya!? 😉

We opted for the late dining each night, which we are both happy we chose since you didn’t feel rushed to get ready as soon as you board the ship at each port!


As you will notice with the remainder of my upcoming posts, this is the first of the “bad dinner pictures that no one of any demographic can seem to take” series. Each night we would find random people to take our pic before dinner, and neither young nor old, Asian nor American (our boat was like 90% Asian), sober nor drunk could take a solid pic of us. But we thought it was pretty funny and oh well you’re here to see pics of ALASKA anyway 🙂

Day At Sea

On this day, we really embraced the concept of vacation. We slept in, we ate plenty, watched a movie, relaxed on the balcony, and napped. Yep, that screams vacation 🙂

We did make it to a hot glass show. It was outside and since it was really cold we grabbed some hot chocolates to enjoy while watching the pros make nifty stuff with glass! And we also went to the gym where I took a spin class! I’m not a member of a gym so I’ve missed the spin atmosphere.

20140509_202810Dinner pic #2 (Formal night #1). I don’t think any other pictures were taken that day. We were just that lazy! 😉

Tracy Arm Fjord

We woke up the next morning and we were inching closer and closer to mountains! These Floridians get a wee excited when we see something other than sand and flatness! 🙂



The captain came over the intercom when we were entering the fjord, and told us things to look out for such as bears and whales! Now let me give you a lil background on Molly Rose when it comes to whales: I cried every time I watched Free Willy. I was like 9. I had this huge passion for whales, and I still do to this day! Their gargantuan and beautiful in my eyes 🙂

We got lucky and did get to see some bears and whales!


20140510_163828I think this is our “picture of the whale”. Can’t see it? Yah it’s because they breeched every 10 mins or so making it hard to prepare to snap a pic and we only really saw the tail HA! But I did see a whale in wildlife, so I am satisfied 🙂

20140510_131119Seriously…. amazing

20140510_170143Frozen yogurt + balcony + the ocean + beautiful weather + mountains = heaven. This has to be what heaven’s like.


Vancouver, BC


My husband and I are all about traveling and exploring. We are pretty settled in where we live, but we don’t want that to keep us from seeing all there is out there and experiencing God’s beauty!

When it came to our “big trip for the year” we knew we wanted it to be around the time of our anniversary and we wanted a change of climate. End result: Alaskan cruise!

I plan to break up this vacation into a few different posts so that I can focus in on the detail of each place we went and to also keep you engaged. I wouldn’t want you to suffer through reading 3 hours worth of page-turning material all at once (although you would totally get through it for me, right?) 🙂

Our trip began with a flight into Seattle where we rented a car and drove to Vancouver (where our ship would eventually be departing from).

20140507_155253We drove a Chevy Spark around town. Ryan drove it like the true playa he is.


We didn’t have too much time in Vancouver, but we knew one thing we wanted to do that would allow us to see different parts of the city: a self-guided tour of the show Smallville’s “set”. We were able to google the farm, school, and coffee shop, printed it all out (can’t use our phones in Canada, eh!) and went on a hunt for the iconic places of one of our favorite shows! Yes, I know, we are special.


20140507_205743My own Clark Kent in front of the farm! 😉



20140507_183711In front of the “Talon” which was the coffee shop in the show where lots of drama occurred 😉


20140507_191855And last but not least, Smallville High! This part of town in real life is real weird. We cheered on the Crows then got the heck out 🙂

*Fun fact: we were married on the exact day of the SERIES finale of Smallville. As big time fans of the show, this was a pretty sweet coincidence!*

After we geeked out enough over seeing Smallville, we headed to the downtown area. This place was called the Seawall and was beautiful, especially for the time of day we were there!






We were super tired from the travel so when we got to our hotel we crashed. Like we even skipped dinner and that is a first for me. (Let’s be real, I’ll never let that happen again).

The next morning we woke up ready to explore more of Vancouver. After grabbing a quick bite to eat, we had heard good things about the suspension bridge in town and wanted to see what it was all about!

20140508_090635 Breka Bakery had good reviews, and we both loved it too!



20140508_101221Nothing wrong with some totem love

20140508_101630View from the bridge






It was a hidden gem! Lots of walking and beautiful views. I highly recommend taking some time exploring this place if you’re ever in the area.

20140508_142028We finished by splitting some salmon jerky and beer… all before noon!

Around lunchtime we headed to the port to board our cruise! We went on a cruise for our honeymoon and also went on a 2-night cruise with some good friends, but we knew this one would be very different than cruises past!

Tell me…..

Ever been to Canada? 

What is a show that you secretly love(d) that you’re a tad embarrassed admitting??

The Claw 5 Mile

So let me tell you something about trail races…. they humble you.

Over the past year I have really improved my times and this naturally makes me very happy. When running already makes me happy and then I see I am getting better at it … “happy happy happy”. 🙂

Trails are a lil different, however. I found at the last one I did (my first) that I liked the “being out in nature” aspect more than anything. The races are pretty small and you’re surrounded by others who are navigating crazy trails (squeezed) alongside you and it’s just a lot of fun.

But they are HARD. The challenging terrain makes it more B-A than a road race, in my opinion. I find my heart race scales much quicker than when I’m out on the road, and I feel it’s an overall better workout. But… I am a heck of a lot slower. I realized I can’t have a goal time in mind because you never know what obstacle you might find along the race …

Which brings me to the Xterra Claw 5 miler that I did in Lithia, FL.

Claw final

I signed up after falling in love at the Trout Creek trail race, and ran 6 miles a few days prior to make sure the endurance was there. (I’m telling you…after my half marathon, my mileage stays content around 3)

I convinced my SIL to sign up as well so we could both be crazy and enjoy the activity we love. Race morning, I had no anxiety or fears. Just ready to tackle another race and I was ready to own it! I felt like I was in enough shape to run really well (for me).

My race photographer -hubadubs- drove us to the state park after a minor detour because who doesn’t want to explore Lithia a little (aka we got lost) and SIL and I headed up to the start line.



This course was the coolest and craziest. I clearly need to explore Florida more because I get so settled in the fact that all we have are beaches and flatness and wahh wahh how nice it would be for different scenery ….

We ran through grass as tall as my head, waded through two streams (the second one the water was up to our chest!), bobbed and weaved over and under branches, criss-crossed through tall skinny trees (where a coolness welcomed us! It exists in FL!), and politely helped each other up steep inclines (I had to use trees to pull me up out of some tough times).

The kind blonde lady was telling me to “run” to the right side where it’s not as deep and muddy… nuts! (Pic taken from actual race photog- pics were free, bonus!) 

Molly's Trail Race #4I asked the photog if it at least LOOKED like I was running. He said no.

Humbling moments: my heart rate was insane and reminded me I can always get in better shape, I took multiple walking breaks (a sin to me at road races), I threw down a Gatorade cup in frustration at a water stop when there was like a 5 year old picking up after everyone (a low moment), too many people passed me towards the end, and I totally blew up my ankle about 100 ft from the finish line. Go Molly!

Thankfully, I was still smiling as I crossed the finish line. It may not have been my “best race” but it was an experience like no other. And I had my husband there being the #1 supporter/fan that he is to document it all 🙂




After 2 pastries (I seriously hate pastries but it sounded really good at the time?) and incorrectly guessing the largest fresh water lake in America with the SIL (we were hoping to win a prize), we headed home to RICE (rest-ice-compress-elevate!)

20140427_093801Me and my matching-shoes-SIL post-adventure through the woods. She did awesome!!

I thought this race was a lot of fun and well organized. I will say, they changed the start time a few days prior, and this caused confusion for a lot of people. Other than that no complaints … trails are where it’s at if you want to challenge yourself in the running department 🙂


Exploring the woods: yay or nay?

Do you abuse parentheses? Because I noticed I do this a lot (and I don’t care!)

Trout Creek Trail Race

signed up for the Trout Creek Trail Race 5k completely blind. I had no idea what to expect from a trail run (I’ve hardly done any running on trails in the past), I knew my time would be slower but wasn’t sure by how much, I couldn’t tell you what “single track” and “double track” meant (this was mentioned on the race website), and I wondered if I’d break a leg (literally) tripping over a root. But hey, I wanted to run this race.

Some factors that made this race different for me:

1. I have never done a trail race before. Like mentioned above, this was totally new to me, and I was anxious to get my feet wet (perhaps literally?) into a new form of running.

2. No Garmin, no goals, no problem. I wanted to have fun. I didn’t want to know my pace and I didn’t want to set a time goal for myself. I wanted to pay attention to the path in front of me and the nature surrounding me.

3. I didn’t listen to music. No iPod folks, I’m just getting crazy over here! I wanted to focus in on my surroundings and enjoy my first trail run without rappers yelling at me through me earphones. Plus, if someone yelled “snake ahead” I’d like to be aware. Snakes, along with any animal you might find in the woods, terrify me.

4. This was my first back-to-back 5k. I ran a 5k road race the day before and I was silly enough to sign up for one the day after. What can I say? I’m addicted to the endorphins and it’s my me time.

So let’s chat about the race. The Trout Creek run is a part of the Xterra series. Trail races are not too common in my area (at least from what I can find) and when I saw a local race come up, I thought why not give this a go? Trail running is a lot different than road running, but the benefits of: less impact to your joints + being out in nature and away from the crowded streets appealed to me.


I picked up my race packet a few days prior at a running store. When I walked in, I found a booth where all I saw were glow sticks and really loud girls. This can’t be it. I asked someone who worked there where the trail run booth was… she lead me to the side of the store where a man looking like he just stepped out of the woods welcomed me. I was handed bib #15 and knew this was going to be a small, but really fun, race 🙂

My husband and I headed out to the trail a little before 8, to get there in time for the 8:30am start time. There were a bunch of people at the top of a hill looking down, and I thought ohhh man… a hill is involved. Sure enough, the start of the race was running up a grassy hill before taking off down a path!



There was both a 5k and 15k (I did the 5k), and they split at the top of the hill. I thought it was a really fun way to start a race and it wasn’t the mass chaos you would think it’d be.


The handheld water bottle strikes again! And check out that guys’ calves!

After climbing up the hill, I took off at a pretty fast speed to get towards the front (remember, I didn’t have G so I wasn’t aware of my pace the entire time). Well…I was out of breath after about 5 mins of running. I think starting out by bolting up a hill then keeping a faster pace just about did me in!I stayed close with one lady and we ended up running the whole thing together, switching who was in front/behind thanks to the narrow trails (<– that’s a single track!).

Once we hit the woods, I was in heaven. I slowed my pace a tad so my lungs wouldn’t burst, and for the most part I was able to enjoy my scenery. There’s something about being surrounded by trees, and not stomping on concrete that makes me feel peaceful. I loved hearing the leaves crunch beneath my feet, not being able to see a road, winding around narrow trails wondering which way they were going to curve next. It was an adventure!

I will say, I rolled over both of my ankles at different points along the trail. I’ve injured both of them pretty bad in the past, and I swear they’re like invincible now. I’ve strengthened those bad boys up! Both “rolls” my runner friend asked if I was okay…to which I replied, yup! They can take anything! 🙂 Hey, at least I didn’t fall (I lied earlier…I did have a goal to not fall)

My dad surprised me and showed up to the race! He found a spot on the trail that the runners would be passing through and snapped some pics:



IMG_0197Think I look a wee tired!?

That was so motivating and pushed me to continue running harder. I was so tired with probably just less than a mile to go. I felt like I had run much more than 3.1! One guy and one girl (I don’t like you) passed us towards the end, but I felt like I had given it my all.

It was a straight shot to the finish line and I heard Ryan yell “Go Molly!” I knew I had a guy right behind me and I didn’t want to let anyone else pass me, so I pushed hard to the end.





I did it! First trail race and I LOVED it. Everything was sore the next day, but nothing hurt. Being on softer surfaces was much kinder to my knees. My time was much slower than my past couple 5k’s, but I expected it to be, and I honestly didn’t mind. I got something else out of the trails that made me just as happy as a PR would do 🙂


What do you do for your “me time?”
Have you ever run a trail race?



So this is what happened in Vegas…..

It was like we personally lived the story of The Hangover and I don’t remember a THING so I have no blog post for you. I kid. It was nothing like the Hangover aside from Ryan losing a tooth 😉

After making it back from the Grand Canyon, we checked in to possibly the NICEST hotel Ryan or I will ever stay in. We stayed in a penthouse suite at The Signature and could not hide our awe when we walked in. 2 bathrooms, huge balcony, huge tub, 2 flatscreens (one of which arose from the dresser in front of our bed), and muchos more.

20131104_113602From our balcony

20131104_114618That kind of luxe just is for us 😉

We didn’t really have plans for Vegas, just to try and see it all. Ryan has been in the past, but this was my first visit. We’re not gamblers, but it was still fun to see all the casinos and all the people throwing their money away people. We did get rebellious and hit up the penny slots a few times. I won a dollar at one and cashed the heck out. What a winning! (Remember my experience in Atlantic City?)

Each hotel is unique and fun in its own special way. We got a little touristy and started snapping pics of everything. Hey at least we used our phones and not an iPad 😉

20131104_123202I know what you’re wondering, and yes, I was the model for that sculpture.

20131104_125043Pink beer>any other beer 🙂



IMAG1475He was REAL! 🙂


Later that evening we met back up with our canyon friends (who reside in Vegas) and went to dinner at Aria before going to see a Cirque du Soleil show! Back when I was in high school I saw La Nouba with my family and fell in love. I used to dance, and I love gymnastics, and I like people doing weird things, so this type of entertainment is right up my ally. (I still regret not taking the Circus class at FSU!). Anyway, we saw Zarkana.


‘Zarkana’ is a fantastically bizarre world where we follow the adventures of Zark, a magician who has lost his love and, with her, his powers. As he cries and begs for her return he is plunged into a world inhabited by surreal creatures.” – NY Times

IMAG1513Pregaming for Zarkana 😉

It was definitely bizzare but good entertainment for sure. We were sleepy from the wine consumed pre-show so it made the show itself a little scary at times 😉

20131104_123537 (1)

The next day started off atop the Stratosphere. Great views of Vegas! There’s a ride up there that like lurches you out over the city or something silly like that. We just took in the view with our feet planted.



IMAG1514The Stratosphere at night

Later was more “sight-seeing” and enjoying the Vegas atmosphere. We went to the Bellagio for their lunch buffet and YUM is all I have to say.

20131105_122401Some midday circus entertainment.


After she got off work, JRae met up with us at Margaritaville to have fun at the penny slots and… drink margaritas! (This is something we are very good at).


After, we all went out to dinner, then watched the volcano erupt at The Mirage and the fountain show at the Bellagio….I loved this! The fountains were choreographed to One Singular Sensation, and it was unbelievable! I could definitely stand around and watch all the shows (they do them every night for a couple hours).






Vegas is definitely not like any other place I’ve been. There is always something to do and see … it’s impossible to get bored! And the fact that you can walk around while drinking guarantees it is a place I WILL return 🙂

Ever been to Vegas?

Favorite movie centered around Vegas?
-What Happens in Vegas


So my husband and I jumped out of a plane on Sunday. On purpose.

Ryan went skydiving before we were dating, and when he told me about his experience, it’s all I’ve ever wanted to do. Ask me this pre-Ryan, answer: hail no.

I’ve had a few friends go skydiving, and between hearing their experiences and seeing their ridiculous faces in the photos, I knew it must be done. 

A couple months ago, Ryan saw a skydiving opportunity pop up on Groupon, and bought it. At first I was all excited, but then after like 5 minutes I thought what the heck am I about to do?! 

We finally booked a date and it was time to put my big girl panties on and go on an adventure in the sky. We went to Skydive Orlanpa to do this thing. Our reservation was at 4:30, but when we got there they were “a little behind” due to weather. I am glad they take weather seriously, but I started to wonder if we were ever going to actually get to go, since they won’t fly up after sunset.

Well, wouldn’t ya know, by the time we were up, it was nearing sunset. We literally got the best view, and the two guys we were flying tandem with were all excited they got to jump at sunset (I guess this is rare). So yay us and yay them for being delayed! :)

I am selfish so we only purchased the video/pictures for me (Ryan says since he’s done this before it was a bigger deal for me. I reeled in a good one). Below is the photoshoot. If you don’t laugh out loud at certain ones, I can’t guarantee a continued friendship. My cheeks.

Image5Do I look like I’m going to throw up? Because I’m about to throw up.

Image13Ryan about to rock n roll his way out









Image49This was one of the coolest parts. Going through the clouds! It was chilly too!

Image53Hey! The parachute worked! See, mom, I told you!




Image72Landing left a mark on my booty, but overall Ronaldo did a good job ;)

Image75Glad to be on solid ground.

The BEST parts:

-falling out of the plane. You just tumble and it’s just great.

-feeling like I can fly. So cheesy, I know, but it was an incredible feeling

-going through the clouds

-finding out the parachute worked

-floating down looking at the tops of trees. Breathtaking.

-getting to steer the parachute

-touching my feet on grass. I love the ground.

My LEAST favorite parts:

-the tiny tiny aircraft that got us way up in the air

-watching Ryan fall out of the plane. lol

-having chapped lips the second I exited the plane (I looooathe chapped lips, and the wind knew my weakness! Wind 1, Molly’s lips 0.

-when my tandem guy pulled the parachute. The harness sure was snug!

-the rash on butt (I know you wanted to know that one).

While skydiving isn’t for the faint of heart I HIGHLY recommend doing this ONCE in your life. It’s an experience like no other, and I had the best time of my life with my best friend.

Go do it.

Have you ever been skydiving?!

30 Day Squat Challenge

So, you know how you spend hours at night in bed pinteresting? Scroll, like, scroll, laugh-out-loud-but-don’t-repin-because-too-inappropriate, scroll, repin, scroll, create-new-board-just-for-this-pin. Just me? OK.

Well I’m guilty of pinning to make me look like a good cook, a fashionista, a hardcore exerciser. I must say I’ve made some great recipes from Pinterest, and I’ve even made a PROJECT thanks to the crafty site.(shocker if you know me at all) But I rarely go to my “Endorphins” board and dothe workouts they offer.

I decided to discipline myself and do THIS  30 Day Squat Challenge found from PopSugar Fitness. I’ve seen a couple different versions of squat challenges, sit-up challenges, 30 day challenges, etc. but since I happen to love squats, I figured this would be the one for me.

I started August 20th and just finished today! I knew this wasn’t going to be a body-changing experience or that my butt would come out looking like a Kardashian, but I liked the fact that it would give me something to do every day. Even if it’s mostly a “rest day”, knowing that I did x amount of squats made me feel a little more accomplished.

In summary, this challenge includes 5 different kinds of squats, and it has you do a certain amount of each variety, a certain amount of times per day. I liked this particular one, because it wasn’t just a basic squat. It mixed it up with different styles of squats, which kept it a bit more interesting. On the last day, you do 200 squats.


What’s funny is you smile JUST like this while doing each squat. I’m lying.

There are set rest days every 3 days, which was nice considering I would do something like 135, 75, 140 squats on consecutive days. A booty’s gotta rest!

Doing so many squats also encouraged me to stretch more. Stretching is honestly one of my favorite things to do that I ignore too often. I stretched at work, on my yoga mat, and with use of my foam roller.

I typically split up the sets throughout the day (which probably defeats the purpose but whatever). I’d try to do one set first thing in the morning, one during lunch break (or with a capable patient!) and the remaining sets at home at night. I liked splitting it up, and I think this kept me from being too sore the next day.

I am proud I stuck with this challenge, but I probably won’t be doing a squat for a very long time (I give it a month).


Spin Bike

We’ve added a new addition to our humble abode:


At our old apartment (our first “home” when we first got married) we actually purchased a bike trainer … this is a device that attaches to the back wheel of a normal bike and its basically the poor man’s version of a spin bike. This thing made SO much noise and I just didn’t enjoy it.

Since we are not members of a gym with fitness classes I have been without spin classes since 2011. This hurts.

I first discovered “spin class” during my sophomore year of college. Me and a friend would go to the 7a.m. class 2-3x/week. We were so hardcore! I continued attending these classes throughout the summers I stayed up there, and the normal school year as well. I love the feeling of getting a good sweat on and this workout guarantees it. I. Loved. It.

When I graduated and made my way back to Tampa, I joined an LA Fitness that had some really great spin instructors.  However, once we moved we decided to save dollars and not join a gym, when we had access to one in our complex. I have since been without, and have been convincing my hubby that we NEED to purchase one, so I can play at home!

We stopped at a Sports Authority one evening, because that’s sorta what we do for romantic date nights ;) and roamed around aimlessly (we’re good at that). As I was looking among the spin bikes, I saw one ON SALE. In Ryan’s world this means get it. We were joking about purchasing it and then next thing we knew we were hauling the darn thing back home.

This was a 3 hour romantic date night and probably one of the best. We were laughing at ourselves as we hauled it up to our place, took all the parts out of the box and we Ryan went to work putting together my latest toy.


This is the bike we purchased.

We don’t have a very big place, so the bike was going to end up in the dining room. For all to see. I am okay with this, as I am not a neat freak like some people every girl on the planet seems to be ;)

The bike has been put in different areas & angles in our dining room, so it gets juuuust the right angle of the TV, air vent, and reachability for the candy drawer. Just call me Sheldon Cooper.  I’m a big re-arranger so let’s see how long it stays put now.

When we made this purchase, I made a promise to mount the thing at least 1 hour a week (total) to justify having it in the first place. We’ve had it approximately 5ish months now and I am happy to report I’ve kept to my promise about 85%. =) Hey, at least I am not using it to hang my clothes on.


^Checking out how I feel on it. (felt great, but feet were bleeding ;)

Ryan adjusted it so it fits me perfectly (seat height and how far forward the seat is) and even bought a new pair of biking shorts. For anyone who has not taken a spin class before, be prepared to have a bruised booty for a few days if you’re not prepared for the proper shorts! It makes a world of difference.

So what do I do on the bike? There are times I just get on and go, without a real set workout in mind, but that rarely happens, and those seem to be the shortest workouts. I usually set a time goal before mounting that I’d like to meet. Whether it’s how much time do I have before I need to get ready for work or how long will dinner be in the oven or how long is my current TV guilty pleasure on for? Once I pick my time, then I pick my intensity.

I usually choose between 20-60 minutes to ride. When it’s 20-30 mins I typically turn on Pandora on our iPad and ride fast with less resistance. When I choose to ride 30-60 mins, I typically watch a show using the iPad. During commercial breaks (I have found these range in time from 30 sec to 2 mins) I will increase the resistance, then let it lighten up & spin fast during the actual show.


And then there are times that I pedal against a really difficult resistance for as long as possible, then flush out my legs by riding with no resistance, repeat =)

Do you currently, or have you ever, taken a spin class?

Which do you prefer: riding a bike outdoors, or inside with some A.C.

for me its 50/50! I love being outside and getting fresh air, but it’s also nice to be in some A.C. and watch TV! ;)