So my husband and I jumped out of a plane on Sunday. On purpose. Ryan went skydiving before we were dating, and when he told me about his experience, it’s all I’ve ever wanted to do. Ask me this pre-Ryan, answer: hail no. I’ve had a few friends go skydiving, and between hearing their experiences […]

30 Day Squat Challenge

So, you know how you spend hours at night in bed pinteresting? Scroll, like, scroll, laugh-out-loud-but-don’t-repin-because-too-inappropriate, scroll, repin, scroll, create-new-board-just-for-this-pin. Just me? OK. Well I’m guilty of pinning to make me look like a good cook, a fashionista, a hardcore exerciser. I must say I’ve made some great recipes from Pinterest, and I’ve even made a PROJECT thanks to the […]

Spin Bike

We’ve added a new addition to our humble abode: At our old apartment (our first “home” when we first got married) we actually purchased a bike trainer … this is a device that attaches to the back wheel of a normal bike and its basically the poor man’s version of a spin bike. This thing […]

New Jersey 2012

These next few blogs will be about my and Ryan’s latest vacation! The locations we visited may not be your typical “young married couple” trip, but we loved visiting new places together that neither of us had been. We’ll save party cruises for our 30′s when children drive us insane =) Start of Vacay! We just got […]