Off To Alaska!

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All Aboard!

After our short Vancouver trip we were all aboard Celebrity Solstice!


We were greeted onto the ship with a glass of champagne. Yespleaseandthankyou.

We spoiled ourselves a bit and got a room with a balcony! We had one for our honeymoon, and loved the romantic touch it added to our vacation. Had we gone with friends on this trip, we probably would’ve saved our dollars and opted for an inside  room, but when it’s just the two of ya, it is a really nice plus to your vacation!


We roamed around the ship a bit and hit up the buffet. Oh, cruises. You know how to offer overindulgence with a small side of guilt, don’t ya!? 😉

We opted for the late dining each night, which we are both happy we chose since you didn’t feel rushed to get ready as soon as you board the ship at each port!


As you will notice with the remainder of my upcoming posts, this is the first of the “bad dinner pictures that no one of any demographic can seem to take” series. Each night we would find random people to take our pic before dinner, and neither young nor old, Asian nor American (our boat was like 90% Asian), sober nor drunk could take a solid pic of us. But we thought it was pretty funny and oh well you’re here to see pics of ALASKA anyway 🙂

Day At Sea

On this day, we really embraced the concept of vacation. We slept in, we ate plenty, watched a movie, relaxed on the balcony, and napped. Yep, that screams vacation 🙂

We did make it to a hot glass show. It was outside and since it was really cold we grabbed some hot chocolates to enjoy while watching the pros make nifty stuff with glass! And we also went to the gym where I took a spin class! I’m not a member of a gym so I’ve missed the spin atmosphere.

20140509_202810Dinner pic #2 (Formal night #1). I don’t think any other pictures were taken that day. We were just that lazy! 😉

Tracy Arm Fjord

We woke up the next morning and we were inching closer and closer to mountains! These Floridians get a wee excited when we see something other than sand and flatness! 🙂



The captain came over the intercom when we were entering the fjord, and told us things to look out for such as bears and whales! Now let me give you a lil background on Molly Rose when it comes to whales: I cried every time I watched Free Willy. I was like 9. I had this huge passion for whales, and I still do to this day! Their gargantuan and beautiful in my eyes 🙂

We got lucky and did get to see some bears and whales!


20140510_163828I think this is our “picture of the whale”. Can’t see it? Yah it’s because they breeched every 10 mins or so making it hard to prepare to snap a pic and we only really saw the tail HA! But I did see a whale in wildlife, so I am satisfied 🙂

20140510_131119Seriously…. amazing

20140510_170143Frozen yogurt + balcony + the ocean + beautiful weather + mountains = heaven. This has to be what heaven’s like.


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