New Jersey 2012

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These next few blogs will be about my and Ryan’s latest vacation! The locations we visited may not be your typical “young married couple” trip, but we loved visiting new places together that neither of us had been. We’ll save party cruises for our 30′s when children drive us insane =)

Start of Vacay!

We just got back to our new home (upcoming blog!) and as I am decorating and cleaning, I’d love to share some pics and memories from our trip =)

Day 1: Atlantic City
We flew into AC to begin our trip.

Windmills everywhere!

Here, we just planned to walk around checking out the casinos and the Jersey Shore. I kept looking around for Snookie, but she was no where to be seen.

Gambling is not my fave and the idea of losing money over a game of chance terrifies me! Ryan and I decided we would bet an entire 5 dollars and that would be our limit (my dad is shaking his head right now). First game I won 60 cents and I was DONE! 60 cents richer people! (please don’t call me endlessly and beg me to share my riches.)

As we were wandering around the marv hotels, we came upon a group of about 20-30 girls who were in workout clothes (my favorite fashion) and sweating big time. They were all standing in a line eagerly waiting for a door to be open. A security guard was telling them “Don’t worry, every one will have their chance to talk to Jill”

Celebrity radar kicked on and my first thought was Jillian Michaels?????

So I ask one of the girls in the back what they were waiting for and APPARENTLY they had just finished a workout class with the yelling screaming amazing JM and were about to meet her! dfjgihoewobfs!!!!!

Sad I missed out on my favorite screaming exercise guru.

I was super jealous and I think Ryan felt bad he didn’t here about that earlier – hah – but it cost $100+ so I was fine sticking to her DVDs I own at my home. (Aka I’ll be anxiously awaiting any news of her coming to Tampa….and gambling more so I can afford it =)

These “Wawa” suckers were everywhere! In Philly, we learned it meant goose. Which of course you think of a goose when you pump your gas. ?

Onto the evening. FSU was playing Clemson (big game!) and I am married to Ryan Casey so naturally we had to find a sports bar that night.  We ended up at Tiffany’s- a very yummy restaurant but it took serious effort for them to turn on the game and keep it on. Something about a big game that New Jerseyans (sure?) were watching and they would keep flipping from our game to theirs! Even though there were like 10 TVs! Rude.

So we watched the rest at our hotel. Moral of the story: GO NOLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 2: Six Flags
As you may or may not know, Ryan and I are theme park fans freaks.

Not only did we have year passes to Busch Gardens our first year married (and plan to do so again next year along with Sea World!!) but we have also been to Universal quite a few times with friends and family and I kinda got engaged at Discovery Cove! (If you call that a theme park…you have fun,eat junk food, and ride a trolley at some point, so yes I’ll call it a theme park). You can read about the proposal here.

First on the list was Kingda Ka. I had no idea what this ride was about but my 29 year old husband insisted we be first in line so we can sit front row without waiting for hours. I must say-it was worth it. The ride frikkin shoots you out before you have a clue what’s going on! Definite adrenaline rush.

Kingda Ka

Something funny we noticed at each ride– the people working the roller coasters would call out “Visual Scan” in a serious voice, but they would all do this exaggerating deep squat and look to each side with their hand over their eyes…as if they were tourists on a safari. It got me every time.

Seal show!



The weather was beautiful throughout the day, which made it an even better experience. Give me nice weather, and I am a happy girl!

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