LiveFit Phase 3 Review

I am officially done with Jamie Eason’s LiveFit program, wahoo!! You can read my reviews of the first two phases here and here.

This phase is considered the shred phase. Lots of high intensity cardio the first two weeks and high rep-low weight the last two weeks. Lots more cardio in general.

Weeks 9&10: 6 days of workouts with high-intensity cardio included, 1 day rest

It was recommended to purchase a jump rope for this phase, and that’s when I should’ve known my booty was going to be handed to me. My body can handle steady-state cardio like a champ. But make me do 5 burpees and I’m gasping for air. Kinda exaggerating, kinda. I am not a HIIT gal, but I’m inspired by those who are and I know I need to aim to include more in my workout regimen.

Since this phase is all about burning dat fat, high-intensity (aka short bursts of cardio that literally take your breath away), was involved. Not only did I have to re-learn how to jump rope (I’d get to the gym butt-early so no one could see me, hah!) but I also learned that miss Jamie Eason considers burpees “active rest”. Active rest was what you performed in between lifting exercises, as your rest before you do another exercise. JAMIE THERE IS NOTHING RESTFUL ABOUT A BURPEE.

But mountain climbers I love 🙂

The cardio thrown into the workouts did mix it up a bit, which I know is exactly what a body needs if you’re looking to see change. And now that I have a stupid jump rope perhaps more of my workouts will include HIIT sessions!

Favorite exercises week 9/10rope jumping (okay fine, turns out I loved it once I got the hang of it) it’s low-impact, heart beat raising, and I felt 5 again. Good times. Stability ball leg curl was another fave, targets your glutes and hammies and challenges the core thanks to the wobbly ball! Sprints on the treadmill! I have a new fun workout to do on the treadmill now and am so excited! Running in the Florida summer heat is mostly unbearable, but I also don’t want to eliminate running. So I’m on the tread a lot during the hot months (read: 9 out of 12) Jamie has you doing 30 sec SPRINT on the treadmill, then hop to the side for 30 seconds, repeat! I felt like I was flying during the sprints… much faster than my 5k pace… and then I was able to recover enough during the 30sec rest to hop on and keep going at that pace, or faster.

Hotel tready before leaving on our boat.

<<Week off because of the CRUISE!>>

Weeks 11&12: 5 days of workouts with cardio included + 1 day cardio only, 1 day rest

These weeks were tough, as I basically eliminated working out on our vacation. I was eager to hop back on schedule once we were back but I also felt like I just wanted to finish this thing. I’ll be honest when I say I didn’t give it 100%. I did, however, complete every workout and was maaaybe thankful for no HIIT-ness, but rather the longer-state medium intensity cardio. 😉

I did enjoy being in the gym for less amount of time these last 2 weeks, too. I think because of the minimal breaks you have between sets, and the fewer amount of exercises, I was in and out within 30 minutes each day! Excluding cardio though. I think it was a great way to end the program.

Last day of LiveFit lifting!

Favorite exercises weeks 11/12: by now I don’t think there were any new exercises, but rather a combo of many of the ones we did throughout weeks 1-10. I’ll go with my favorite days: LEGS day and CHEST day! Legs because I feel that’s an area I should always aim to strengthen more. Because of my knee surgery, I know protecting that joint with strong muscles will be important throughout my life. I want to be able to run for a long time and I know tortuous leg days will help me achieve that 🙂 Chest because I am always sore the next day (love soreness) and I feel powerful when doing those exercises…you see mostly guys doing them, not girls because they think it’s gross, but I believe in strengthening every part of your body!

Tell me….

Least favorite area to train?

Who’s going to try out LiveFit?! 🙂

{{Stay tuned! I have an overview coming up as well as some exercise demonstrations of my favorite ones!}}

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