Ketchikan, Alaska

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May 14, 2014

Sunrise 4:37am, Sunset 9:01pm

High 53, Low 43

“chance of rain”

*Fun fact*: Ketchikan is an Indian name meaning “thundering wings of an eagle”. From the vantage point of Deer Mountain, the town sprawls out in the perfect shape of an eagle in flight. Nifty, huh!

Another fun/*dreary* fact: It rains an average total of 13 FEET of rain per year in Ketchikan. To compare, in Tampa there is a total average of 47 inches (four-ish ft) per year. Holy water drops, Ketch!


We had an excursion planned for the day, but we didn’t have to meet till noon. In fact, we didn’t even port till 10am so it was a nice, easy morning, no feeling of having to rush off the boat!

To kill time before our chosen excursion, we found a gift shop. (Which wasn’t hard there were like 10 gift shops in a town of 12 shops). We bought a couple of knick-knacks and then found a bar that was recommended to us by the couple we hung out with in Juneau! It was home of the “happy bears” and you can probably tell why.

20140514_171902 (1)


This was a very small bar, nothing special, but drinking a beer around 11am while on vacation should have no complaints attached to it 🙂 We hung out here a bit watching the rain … this was one dreary day! I don’t mind the cold and I don’t mind rain (when I’m in bed sleeping hehe) but together this was not a fun combo.


Soon enough, we were ready to head out for our adventure that day. We chose to do a jeep ride and canoe combo. We took a bus to the place we would get our jeeps and this was not fun… our bus driver got lost. Womp. Which would’ve been fine, except I felt like once we got to the jeep place we were rushed and didn’t get to drive the jeeps to all the places we could have. But, oh well! I’m in Alaska and not working so whatever 🙂

Something else that wasn’t my fave was that it was 4 to a jeep. I was hoping it would be just me and Ryan, however the couple we were with went to college in our hometown, so at least we had a conversation topic.

I was the first driver in our jeep, and thank GOODNESS because it was the smoothest area of our route. While I do pride myself in being an excellent driver on any terrain (Ryan is rolling his eyes as he reads this) I was glad to have the “easy” portion since 2 lives of which I didn’t know were in my hands, ha!

We drove the jeep to a beautiful lake where we would all get into a canoe. The darn weather prevented us from probably an even better view, but it was still a pretty sight. We geared up and all piled into one of two canoes.

20140514_151831 (1)


We canoed across the lake to an area where they made a spread of snacks for us. It included hot chocolate (2 cups, please and thank you), yummy clam chowder, goldfish, bread, and salmon! Can you tell I love to eat! Ha.

After enjoying our snacks and trying our best to stay warm, we headed off for a mini-hike with our group guide. I don’t remember a darn thing he said because I was shivering, wet, and cold, but at least we were moving!

We soon hopped back into our canoes to head back for more jeeping. The guides decided we should have a race, and duh our boat won 😉


The REAL exciting part came when we started our jeep riding again and one jeep didn’t quite stay on tracks.

20140514_152735 (1)

Everyone was fine. But it was pretty funny. In the guides’ defense, we were instructed to go OVER the potholes and not avoid them, which seems wrong, but ya gotta listen to the pros!

20140514_160023 (1)At one of the stops …. beautiful view! (Couldn’t find the pic of the view, but there’s us looking our best)

Overall, it was a fun adventure! Some things could’ve gone better, but we did enjoy trying something new. Once back, we hit up those happy bears for another drink before hopping back onto our ship.

20140514_171732 (1)Sorry it just makes me laugh and I’m 5.

Headed to dinner!

20140514_202249Formal dinner night #2

That evening after dinner was the Cirque du Soleil-style show on Solstice. I LOVE anything dance/acrobatics/their-spines-aren’t-real kind of stuff, so I was pretty pumped about the show. It didn’t disappoint! We only made it to a couple shows on board (this one plus a comedian..we love comedians) and I’m glad we didn’t miss it. I loved how there is always something to see… to your right, left, above you and in front! Great entertainment if you ask me.

Towel art cracked me up each night.

Last Day: At Sea

Our last day at sea we embraced vacation and lazied it up ALL DAY. This meant sleeping in, eating lots, working out (okay not lazy), ice cream, napping, chilling on our balcony, wonderful.

20140515_192855Last night on our cruise ship. We were fighting tears.

Tell me…

Have you ever seen a Cirque du Soleil show? Which one??

Who reading can do a cartwheel?!

One more post from our vacation coming your way!

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