Juneau, Alaska

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Sunrise: 4:40am, Sunset: 9:10pm

Weather: High 64, Low 44

Rise n shine! Time to venture off the boat and into a new (to us) land! 🙂

Our first port was the capital of Alaska: Juneau. We had no plans for Juneau, didn’t book an excursion or anything, so here we planned on simply wandering around. It was a mile from the ship to the town, and while most people paid $10 (a piece!) to get there, we opted to use our working legs and take a walk!


First stop: coffee. Always coffee. We sipped away while strolling down the street looking in different shops.


We happened upon the Alaska Brewery Co store where we noticed a group of people sitting around waiting for…something, so we asked what was going on. Oh, they’ve signed up for the brew tour, would you two like to join? Um, yes!!

We’ve done one other brew tour in Tampa and really enjoyed it, so why not give one a go in Alaska! It left about 10 mins after we signed up, and all of us (10 maybe?) crowded in a van to take a mini-tour of Juneau before stopping at the brewery. This wasn’t the typical sketchy van you climb in to on a Caribbean excursion, something I definitely liked about the uniqueness of our cruise destination! 😉



Our driver guide shared facts about Juneau while we took in the small-town scenery around us. *Fun fact: there is a pelican statue in front of the capital building. There is not one pelican in the land or sea of Alaska. It was mistakenly sent to Jueau instead of Tallahassee, where you will find a statue of an eagle! Whoops! Nobody switched it correctly and during my 4 years at Florida State I thought nothing odd of that eagle 🙂

Once at the Alaskan Brewing Company, we were handed a glass and told we could sample 6 of their different beers. Instructions I can follow.


My favorites were the White and Summer ales. Our tour guide kept encouraging us to all try the Smoked Porter beer….it smelled like bacon and was a tad strong for me, but at least we gave it a go!


We met a couple who are from Ryan’s hometown and were FSU fans (and were 70+ years old but we don’t discriminate), and then we also made our-age friends that we ended up spending the rest of the day with!

After the brew tour, we went to the Red Dog Saloon with our new friends where our buzz continued for a little while longer before we all decided to explore a nearby glacier.


At this point I was very glad with the decision I made to wear rain boots. At first I felt a little silly in them since no one else seemed to have them on, but they came in handy when I wanted to cross the water! 🙂



IMG_1570Ryan grabbed this floating beast from the water.

IMG_1562We tried telling people they could take a pic with the mini-glacier for $5. We made no money and now we actually owe ourselves $5



There were different excursions to choose from that involved the Mendenhall Glacier however we were both happy we went our own route to see this beauty!



It was crazy windy and cold, but amazing!! We had so much fun walking around this area and trying not to get soaked.

We had a great time with our self-made excursions in Juneau and meeting new people. Unfortunately they were from a different boat, so we didn’t get to hang at any other time, but they were a lot of fun to explore Juneau with!

20140511_201926Dinner pic #4

Tell me…

Ever done a brew tour? 

Other spectrum, but has anybody gone to Martha’s Vineyard??  That’s another bucket-lister for me! 🙂

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