Icy Straight Point & Our 3 Year Anniversary

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20140513_102249May 13, 2014

Sunrise: 4:41am Sunset: 9:17pm

High: 62 Low: 47

*Fun fact*: We got married on Friday the 13th! May sound like a sketchy move, but hey we celebrate our “anniversary” a few times a year 🙂 After an exhausting day in Skagway, we were more than happy that we had ZERO plans for the next day. This day also just so happened to be our anniversary. We spoiled ourselves a bit and purchased the “Deluxe Romance Package” on the cruise ship to enjoy on our special day. It included: breakfast in bed including mimosas, a bottle of champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, and rose petal turndown service. Could there BE a more perfect way to spend a lazy day?!20140513_124257After breakfast in bed, we headed off the ship and onto a tender boat to get to the town of Icy Point Straight.20140513_100720Guys, I don’t think there could be a smaller town! They had the essentials (like beer and a killer view) but not too much else. We still had some fun exploring on our own though, and appreciated the “relaxing” aspect of vacation on this day.20140513_10084020140513_101949

20140513_103712Love my bear.

We happened upon a neat nature trail that led us to a beach …20140513_14485720140513_10403620140513_10411520140513_104627IMG_1664

20140513_145527Skipping rocks. He’s tried to teach me on multiple occasions how to skip a rock along, and my record is one solid plop into the water.


Afterwards, we split a pitcher of Alaska Summer Ale (our fave from the taste testing back in Juneau) while sitting by a fire.


Once back on board, we took a nice long nap while movies played on our TV. Then, we got dolled up for the evening. This wasn’t a “formal night”, but it was for us 🙂20140513_190537

20140513_201516Acoustic Image Trio …personally, my favorite band on the ship.

20140513_200239Bailey’s over ice for me, please 🙂



After dinner, we received a “Happy Anniversary” song from our waiters and split the brownie dessert they brought out for us. This was in addition to the dessert we already ordered and ate. And the 3 entrees we each downed. Cruise ships!

At a table catty-corner to ours was a group of 2 couples that had travelled together. Shortly after our anniversary song, they shuffled over to their table and sang the same thing to one of the couples .. they were also celebrating May 13!

We were so blessed to be able to spend our anniversary aboard an amazing cruise ship to an even more amazing place. Love you Ryan 🙂

20140513_214313Deluxe, son, deluxe!

Pick one…

Breakfast in bed  or “just because” flowers ??

(Food > petals for this girl any day)

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