How To Stay Hydrated On A Holiday

How To Stay Hydrated On A Holiday

When you are on a holiday, all you want to do is to enjoy what your eyes see or where your feet are leading you. There are times, that you may fail to listen to your body as it sends signal that you are already exhausted as you only want to maximize the time that you have to cover everything that you have in your bucket list. One of the things that you may forget is that your body needs to constantly be topped up with fluids that will sustain proper body functioning. It’s a simple thing to do, but at times it is the simplest that we often neglect. If you have the best water bottle for travel, that might not be a cause of concern for you, however.

Proper Hydration is simple that many tend to overlook that fact

You get ready for that trip. All you are thinking of are the things that you plan to do while in your vacation destination. You take the time to plan your routes, the places that you want to visit, things that you would like to accomplish, even the things that you may want to bring home with you. There’s just too much to think about and to do that you end using up all your energy.

You do have food to sustain you any time that you feel hungry. But you need to remember that what the body needs most is water. It’s one that sustains you that you need to refill. Unlike the air that you breathe that you automatically get from the air around you, water in the body needs to be replenished. The body does not have more that what it actually has. About two-thirds of your body contains water. But this body water is constantly used up as you breathe, perspire, digest food, remove body wastes, and do other systemic functions. If the water that is released by the body is greater than what the body receives to replace the lost fluids, dehydration will set in. That means, the body won’t be able to function well as it should with enough body water fueling the cells, the blood, and all other body parts.

Proper hydration while on a holiday is as critical as daily hydration

Because you spend too much time on the details of your travel and your holiday, you may end up getting enough fluids to fill your system. Water may not that be as inviting as a drink, but it still is the best option that you need to take. It is the basic element that the body requires in the first place. But if you are looking for some tastier alternatives to water, you may consider these fluids as healthy options.

Keeping your body well hydrated is also one of best ways that you can maximize the benefits from your holidays. You’ll feel energized if you enough body water or fluids in your body. That means you can do more, think well and make the most of your time.

Coconut Water

It may not be that easy to maintain your hydration level, but it should and could be done. It’s as simple as reaching out the best water bottle for travel and sipping smartly if you are on the road and the next restaurant or food hub is a couple of miles away or several buildings away from where you are.

It’s the easiest way to clear your mind, feel refreshed and even energized. But if you don’t have water or thinks that water tastes flat, one of the best alternatives would be coconut water. It’s not just super hydrating, but it is also rich in essential nutrients like potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium, and manganese. So, if you need a more flavorful hydration source, try coconut water. You’ll love it.

Fruits and fruit juices. These are also tasty alternatives that you can pack in your travel bag. You can snack on fruit slices while waiting for your flight or your ride. Fruit juices can also perk you up and are also flavorful drinks that will encourage you to drink more.

As you may be enjoying much of your travel, you may forget to take a sip or find a water or liquid source where you can refill your water bottle so that hydration may be possible even when you are on the go. Dr. Emma Derbyshire, public health nutritionist and adviser to the Natural Hydration Council reminds us that, “When the weather heats up, this can drive up the body’s temperature and lead to over-heating.”

You can easily detect the early signs of over-heating. If you feel uncomfortably warm, dizzy and unable to focus well, then you are experiencing the early stages of dehydration caused by over-heating. If you fail to listen to these body signals, you may later develop a headache, feel nauseated and also extremely thirsty. If you will just disregard these symptoms or take them as signs of something else, you may experience heatstroke. This could be a serious condition and should considered as an emergency.

You can always get plenty of shade and stay protected from the sun’s UV rays by wearing appropriate clothes and apparel. However, you should never overlook the importance of proper hydration, but the importance of hydration shouldn’t be overlooked.

Holiday hydration tips

On top of these, you need to consider these holiday hydration tips to be at your best and be able to maximize the benefits of your holiday.

Always be attentive to the cues that your body is sending

Whenever you see signs of over-heating, make sure that you do something about it. Always listen to your body.

Fruits and vegetables are also great hydration supplements

Take slices of these or add puree of these fruits to your drinks. Take note, however, that water is still the best hydration source.

Pack drinks wherever you go

Whether you are heading out to the beach or plan to have a long walk after enjoying a late lunch in the crowded streets of a famous holiday spot, it is a smart thing to bring your own water bottle or packed drinks so you can keep your body well hydrated.

Drink more if you are physically active

You use more body water when you are engaging in more intense activities like hiking, swimming or playing any ball sport. Hence, you need to constantly drink more fluids to make sure you are replacing an equal amount of body fluid lost.

Maintain a light-colored urine

The color of your pee is a great indicator whether you are properly hydrated or not. Your goal is to maintain a pale straw color.

Not all liquids are hydrating

Make sure to keep track of the alcoholic or caffeinated drinks that you consume as they are diuretics. They increase the rates of water and sodium that you release when you pee.

Have enough fluids when you need to catch a flight

Internal conditions in an airplane can speed up dehydration, so you need to make sure that you take enough fluids before, during, and even after a flight.


To ensure that you won’t end up dehydrating yourself, you need to make sure to constantly top up with whatever healthy water alternative that you can find or have.