HOT Run 10k Recap

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Like I mentioned in my training log this past week, I signed up last-minute for a 10k race that was held on a Thursday night. The Hot 101.5 radio station was in charge of putting on the race. I don’t think it went as smooth as it could have, but I still had a good time and got a run in 🙂

My dad met me there about an hour before the race start. I registered {this was my first time registering AT a race… I’m usually a planner with these things and sign up online WAY before the race} pinned my bib and got ready to run!


I am not an evening runner because I like running on an empty stomach, so I was hoping the light meals I ate that day wouldn’t give me any tummy troubles.

The race got started a little late, but we were able to watch the sun set, as this race was right near the beach! {not on the beach, thank goodness… we know how I feel about those 🙂 }


I wore my Garmin, and my goal was to stay within my half marathon goal-pace. Once the gun went off, I did my thing and started off too fast. I might as well stop including that in my race recaps, because it’s a given by now. Grr!


Soon enough, I slowed down and tried to maintain a pace below 9:30min/mile. If I want to reach my sub-2 goal for this upcoming half, I need a faster pace than 9:30, however my training has been a little rough. My goal was to maintain a pace, not fluctuate too much, and run my best.

The course was 4 big loops; the 5k-ers only completed 2 of the loops, while our poor souls watched them finish and kept running. It was pretty dark where we ran, so that made me nervous at times- didn’t want to lose my footing and get hurt.

A big plus was being able to see my dad at each loop! My photographers are the best. Their cheering skills aren’t too bad either 😉

I was not impressed with my time {4 mins slower than my 10k PR, whoops} but I at least maintained a doable pace, and felt like I had energy remaining at the end. A cool medal and cold beer, and we called it a night!


My Playlist (because the playlist is the most important part):

  • Flaws > Bastille
  • Move To The Ocean > Brick + Mortar
  • Glory and Glore > Lorde
  • Timber (feat Ke$ha) > Pitbull
  • The Fear > Lily Allen
  • You’re Not Alone > Marie Miller
  • A Light That Never Comes > Linkin Park
  • Titanium > Madilyn Bailey
  • DLZ > TV on the Radio
  • Wanna Get Hype > District 78
  • Swing Life Away > Rise Against
  • How It’s Done > District 78
  • Hurricane > Needtobreathe
  • Black Widow > Iggy Azalea

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