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What are the benefits of air purifier for baby?

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Reducing the indoor air pollution is one of the most challenging tasks to all parents. You can follow the different methods to improve your indoor air quality. However, an advanced yet user-friendly air purifier is recommended for everyone with a desire to purify the indoor air. The first-class air purifier is used to reduce the level of airborne pollutants and also allergens in the particular area. The overall specifications of the best baby air purifier play the main role behind its efficiency for removing the air pollutants. Designers and manufacturers of the latest air purifiers provide the best-in-class nature of products at the competitive prices with an aim to make customers satisfied.

The role of the air purifier in the baby’s room

An indoor air is more polluted than an outdoor air. Almost every baby spends most of their time indoors. They suffer from exposure to poor indoor air quality and require the safe method for improving the indoor air quality. As a parent of a baby, you can take care of your baby indoors by using the first-class air purifier. You may get confused with different types of air purifiers available on the market and think about how to be successful in your approach for the air purifier shopping as per your requirements. You can contact and consult with specialists in the top brands of air purifiers. You will get the most expected guidance and fulfil air purifier shopping expectations on the whole.

Setting up the first-class nursery for your baby is one of the most exciting things in your life. On the other hand, you have to be conscious about how to prefer the rocking chair, changing table, crib, decorations and an air purifier. You may get surprised an air purifier in the nursery for a baby.

Consider important things

Air pollution is increasing on a regular basis and one of the main reasons behind various health problems to individuals of every age group especially babies. An advanced design of the air purifier is very helpful to successfully enhance the quality of indoor air. There are loads of significant things to consider while comparing a huge collection of air purifiers. However, some of these things are as follows.

  • Brand
  • Features
  • Effectiveness
  • Square footage
  • Cost
  • Style
  • Warranty

As a beginner to the huge collection of modern and affordable air purifiers for sale, you can directly contact and consult with experts in the air purifiers. You will get the absolute guidance and take advantage of the professional approach to pick and buy the air purifier. Easy-to-understand details about features, pros and cons of top brands of air purifiers give you the complete guidelines and make positive changes in your approach for investing in one of the most suitable baby air purifiers. You will get 100% satisfaction when you invest in the world-class nature of affordable baby air purifier. You will be confident to recommend the best baby air purifier to anyone with a requirement for improving the quality of indoor air and overall health of the baby at the same time.

Baby Air Purifiers

Focus on the important benefits

The main benefits of high-quality baby air purifier these days are as follows.

  • Boosts the mood and sleep quality of the baby
  • Prevents Malaria by eliminating mosquitoes
  • Prevents cancer by trapping airborne tobacco and cigarette smoke
  • Prevents Mesothelioma by removing asbestos particles presence in the air
  • Prevents chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  • Protects the baby from allergies and risk of leukaemia and lymphoma, pneumonia
  • Improves the baby’s lung function and immune system
  • Reduces the possibilities of Autism, cardiovascular diseases, asthma and other health problems

Health-conscious people these days enhance the overall quality of indoor air by using the air purifier. They search for the best baby air purifier on the market with an aim to make their baby healthy by breathing good air. They read honest reviews of top brands of air purifiers one after another and make a good decision about how to be successful in their approach for investing in one of the most suitable air purifiers. They listen to testimonials from customers of the company specialized in the air purifiers sale and get an overview about how to successfully pick and purchase the suitable air purifier.


Pros & Cons of Blue Apron

Now that I’m a few deliveries into Blue Apron, I thought I’d put together a post Pro-Con style to share what I like and dislike about the company, in case you are interested in trying it out. No sponsorship or advertising here, just willingly sharing since I think it’s great!


1: Less money and time spent at the grocery store.

Am I the only one that wonders around the store, buying bogos and stuff that when put together doesn’t exactly constitute as a meal? K good, I love not being alone 🙂 Since I know 3 of my weekly dinners are already set, I really don’t buy all that much except for the staples and lunch stuff.

2: You have a present at your door once a week.

If you’re like me and get some sort of satisfaction out of seeing a package at the doorstep for you, then you will love this company. Coming home from a long day at work to see 3 delicious meals just waiting for you to put together is pretty darn great.

3: Eating out less

The food is fresh, but not forever, so it’s imperative that you cook it when you get it (I usually spread it out throughout 1 week, so cooking like every other day). This in turn, causes you to eat out less which is a good thing in my opinion! You know everything that is going into your meals, and you get the satisfaction knowing YOU made it.

4: It’s healthy & fresh & fantastic


5: It causes you to try cooking something completely new

We all have our go-to’s, and while we’re pros at them by now and can do them blindfolded with only minor burns, it’s good to branch out. Nudge the noggin. Open your mind and your senses. See what’s out there.

6: The recipes are all online, so you can go back and recreate anytime you want!

Before this, I had never made my own sauce (seriously). Now, I have tasted some real good stuff that I made, and can refer back at any time to the recipes online! They give you recipe cards with your shipment, too, but if you tend to lose things like me…. #internetisforever

7: All you really need are pots and pans and salt and pepper and aluminum foil.

They provide everything. We’re talking even the “2 tbsp butter”. How nice is that?! Not only that, but everything is perfectly portion-sized for you. You rarely measure things out and you don’t have to worry about over-eating. Each meal is approximately 700 calories.

8: You can customize your meals and delivery.

You let them know what you like and don’t like when it comes to the protein (and there’s a vegetarian option) After your first delivery, you get to choose out of 6 meals which ones you want to try. You can choose when it gets delivered and whether they can leave it on your doorstop or not. You can skip weeks (just make sure to do it at least a week ahead of time!)

9: You feel like you’ve become a chef who should have their own TV show

Thought about contacting Food Network but I realize I have limitations.


1: It’s a bit expensive.

I guess if you put it in comparison to going out to eat, then not so much. But it is $60/week for 2 people for 3 meals ($10/meal). So I’d just take a look at what you normally spend on food, and see if it’s worth it to you.

2: It is time consuming

I bet if I did a poll, most people would say they eat out because it’s quick and convenient. Yup, sure is, and I am totally guilty of it quite often. But doing it too often can become expensive and not so great for your health, so putting the time and effort in the kitchen really is worth it. Pour yourself a glass of wine, have some patience (if you’re impatient in the kitch like me) and enjoy the cooking process! It’s been rewarding for me each time, but I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who might not find the time it takes to be worth it. It’s not for everyone or every family. So far, its taken me about 40 mins to an hour from start to in my mouth 🙂

3: No leftovers

Since it’s portion-sized ready for you, it’s made for exactly 2 people, no more no less. I am super happy that it is super filling, however don’t count on leftovers.  Usually when I cook on my own in the blind (aka whatever I come up with to cook and oftentimes scary and unpleasant to the average palate) there are leftovers that can be used for lunch the next day. So just make sure you get food for lunch at the grocery store!

Tell me….

what is your go-to meal to cook?

how often do you eat out? (no judgments)

do you enjoy the cooking process?

who has taken cooking classes? 

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The Great Westchase 5k Recap

Second 5k of the season under my belt!

Following my first one 2 weeks ago, I have been working on getting faster by adding some interval training to my runs. I only did 2, but they seemed to help! I walked away with a brand new PR and finally broke 25 mins 🙂

I’m even more ready and excited to continue this kind of training to see how it will help the rest of my races.

The Great Westchase 10k/5k was only about 15 mins away from where I live, which allowed a bit of “sleeping in” again like last time. I had originally signed up for the 10k at 7am, but a couple weeks ago decided I wanted to try for another 5k success. I made the switcheroo and was happy with my decision: when I made it to Westchase, the 10k was beginning and it was PITCH BLACK out. The lighting in the streets wasn’t very good, and I was ever so happy with my decision to do the 5k later in the morning.

I parked and made my way to the registration/packet pick-up table where I was pleasantly surprised with the lay-out: gender specific dri-fit shirt, a drawstring bag with the race’s logo on it (and purple! I love purple!) with goodies inside including a race coozie (because the 2.3 milli we have at home will never be enough) and much-needed Biofreeze and Advil. It’s the small things in life sometimes…

Any way, I hustled back to my car to drop it all off, put on my race bib, earphones, and chug some water before heading back to the start area to get ready to race!

I didn’t warm up (aka jog a bit) before… I completely forgot! I was reminded right at the start of the race, when my legs told me they should’ve been shaken out a bit beforehand. Oh well, off I was!

This race was much bigger than the last, and I wanted to stay near-ish to the front (more like front-middle) to challenge my pace a bit. Unbeknownst to me (ps autocorrect helped me spell that word), Ryan was up and drove to the race, was in his car finding parking at the start but was able to catch me!

wpid-img-20151031-wa0006.jpgright in the middle with the orange shorts

When I mentioned to him later “I’m surprised you were able to spot me!” He replied, “You have a very distinct run”…. I don’t know how to take this. However, the pic the race photographer got of me is horrendous so I now know. I’m using the “Copywriting is illegal” excuse here to get out of sharing it with you.

The whole race felt hard, again I don’t think I ever fell in a groove, but my Garmin helped a bunch to pace me. If I saw faster than 7:45, I took it down a slight notch (because right now I just can’t hold that pace for too long and didn’t want to burn out), and if I was slower than 8:10, I’d pick it up. A bit exhausting looking down at the watch a lot, but I really wanted to meet my goal of a sub-25 minute 5k, and sometimes you gotta do whatcha gotta do to meet a goal! I knew in my head an average pace of 8:00 would get me just under 25 mins.


As I was on the home stretch I could barely make out the time clock, but could see 24:1x so I knew it was time to book it so I could beat my time! Getting closer, I heard someone yell out my name, which is a miracle since I blare my music at the cochlear-damaging level, and I turned to see Ryan smiling and taking pics. So surprised and happy that he was there, and that’s what I needed to push it just a bit more to cross the line.

wpid-img-20151031-wa0004.jpglooking for who was cheering…

wpid-img-20151031-wa0001.jpgface of happiness (& fatigue)



My mile paces were: 1- 7:46 (fastest mile to date on my Garmin) 2- 7:58, 3- 8:04 average pace 7:53/mile with a Garmin-recorded time of 24:41 (my chip time was 24:43 but since it’s slower I’m disregarding that 😉 )

wpid-img-20151031-wa0000.jpgon my Instagram

So not doing very well on the “negative splitting” goal I set out for myself, but I think it may just be harder for shorter distances. Form was addressed earlier and I’ll leave it at that 🙂

Post-race was quite a set-up! This is a very kid-friendly neighborhood so there was a lot for kids to do, including a 1-mile fun run- so cute! Plus it was Halloween so nearly every vendor was giving out candy. Score. Good food catered from a nearby restaurant, and beer available, so obviously I will be back next year.

One of my favorite families came out to cheer me on…. the one on the left was my whole world for about 1.5 years right out of college– I had the privilege of being her nanny while deciding what I wanted to do with my life, and it was the greatest job ever. She now has a sister and the fam somehow got cuter.


Needless to say, this was a great race and happy day for me, I feel truly blessed 🙂

Today I am resting, wearing my compression calf sleeves (my calves get ridiculously sore following races, but never training!?) and plan to foam roll and stretch if I can slide off this couch.

Tell me….

What gets most sore on you after a hard race?

First job outta college? Did it have anything to do with your degree?

Do you wear a watch to pace yourself when running, or strictly go off of feel?

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Run 4 Recovery 5k Recap

First race of the season: check! This girl was anxious to get back out there!! Westbridge’s Race4Recovery (benefitting families of those coping with disorders)  was held at a close-by park, on shaded and smoothly paved trails, which made it an easy decision for me to sign up and go for it. They offered a 5k run/walk and a 1 mile.

wpid-20151017_194642_hdr2.jpg.jpegflat molly

This race was VERY small… we’re talking 50-something people total. I think it may be the smallest race I’ve ever run, but I’m not gonna hate…. I placed 3rd overall female, HA! Probably the only time soon this will happen, so I’m taking it!

The race started at 8, so I was able to “sleep in” a bit the morning of. Once parked, bibbed, and laced up, I was ready to go. And this might come as a surprise, but I started out too fast. Surprise! When (how?!!) will I learn!? I started off immediately 3rd female, and was pretty happy to keep that throughout the race.

I was running alongside a guy who’s pace I felt I could manage, but as I looked down at my Garmin and saw 7:30 , I knew I’d need to slow down or I’d never make it.

I’d say I fell into a “rhythm” but does that really happen during a 5k? I feel like you gotta run HARD throughout the whole thing.. which is what I did. I kept telling myself this is not supposed to feel easy, and just went with it. I didn’t want to look back to see if there were any females close behind me, so I just kept my head forward and focused on keeping this fast (to me) pace.

According to my watch, I averaged an 8:06 pace, giving me a new personal best (yay!) but just 8 seconds away from breaking 25 mins (boo) but hey! This gives me major motivation to work on getting faster so that I can see a 24:xx on my Garmin next time.


3rd place female got me a medal and gift card to a running store- WOOP! Mind you… 1st and 2nd gal were nearly 3 whole minutes faster than me (that is a lot for a 5k) but it still felt pretty great to stand up there with them!


wpid-20151018_083845_hdr.jpgmay have treated myself a bit. can’t say no to Panera

FORM CHECK: there was someone taking photos out there, but I’m not sure they’ll be posted anywhere…if I find them, I’ll later edit this post and add them. I tried to mentally focus on my form especially the last mile-ish. I could feel myself tiring, and I kept reminding myself to swing my arms and keep my back from slouching.

PACE CHECK: welp! gotta work on this one more! My paces per mile: 8:00, 8:15, 8:11 so not terribly off, but I’d still like to see my last mile faster than the first. It’s just a personal goal, dats all 🙂

Tell me…

Smallest race you’ve run?


Have a race planned for Halloween? If, so are you dressing up?!


Carbs I Eat & Carbs I Limit

The following post is a continuation of my lil series about the new way I eat- lesser carbs. I will never completely eliminate carbs, but I’ve definitely taken it down a few notches in my every day life. Below you will find the carbs that have always been a part of my diet that I still eat on a nearly-daily basis, and those I eat only on occasion, but do not deprive myself of.

Edited to add: this is NOT a complete food list of every carbohydrate that I consume, just the most frequent ones 😉

EATVeggies– I heart veggies. I really do. I’m pretty certain broccoli was one of my faves growing up, and I can eat squash like its my job. There’s really not a vegetable I don’t like, and I eat them at both lunch and dinner every day! My favorite: raw mini sweet bell peppers dipped in guacamole! (PS If a veggie is high in carbohydrates, it’s because it’s high in dietary fiber, which is good for you!)

Fruits– this could technically go under “eat” and “limit”, because some fruits I eat freely, others I’m more cautious about how much I consume. I typically stick with purchasing only berries at the grocery store, and eat a handful for breakfast, and usually at some point when I’m home from work. My fave berries are blackberries and strawberries. Fruits like bananas and apples (higher sugar content, therefore higher in carbs) I don’t eat that often anymore. I probably should though- my muscles cramp like crazy after a long run/leg day at the gym plus I do want to keep the doctor away 😉 What can I say, my diet isn’t perfect, and this whole eating thing I’m doing isn’t supposed to be a plan for my readers to follow, simply sharing what I do!

Sweet potatoes– aside from the annoyingly long time it takes to bake one of those suckers, I love love love sweet potatoes. I like to either dice them up and eat as a snack/in a salad, or eat as is with some butter and cinnamon topped on, yum! Fun fact: I eat the skin!

Wine – you can’t tell me wine is bad for me.


Pancakes/waffles– I didn’t eat these all that often before, but when I did, #stacksonstacksonstacks. So now, I’m a bit more mindful and eat only 1 or 2. Got any chocolate chip morsels I can add?

Popcorn– every time we went to the movie theater, we’d go all out and get popcorn and diet coke (ya know, to even it out) Well now, we don’t ever get the popcorn- or DC- and it is SO hard. The smells! The overly-buttered goodness is prob a good thing to skip though. If a friend pops some popcorn at home or the single packs are BOGO at Publix, I may partake.

Chips– chips and salsa used to be one of my favorite restaurant/party appetizers… and guess what? Still is. If it’s out at a party or if my table orders it at a restaurant (better yet, if it comes out free) you can guarantee my hands will be all in that. Good thing I have like 5 friends, so I don’t get out and get chip-faced much 😉

Pizza– we shoot for once a month, but if an extra pizza date gets thrown in there, I am a-okay J This used to be a once-a-week meal for Ryan and I, and we’d easily kill a whole pizza. We’re talking halvsies here, I eat like a man. Needless to say, when pizza night comes, I eat my fair share, but now just not as often.

Wraps/Sandwiches– I rarely, if ever, eat these anymore! I find I usually eat a “sandwich” when it’s the bun of a hamburger. Otherwise, I try to pass up bread best I can. You can still enjoy deli meats and tuna salad and whatnot, just roll up the turkey with some cheese, or put a fork to the tuna salad… bread’s not always necessary!

Cookies/Candies– I never bought these things before, so I still don’t, obviously. But yet again, when I am in the presence of cookies (homemade or store bought, I don’t discriminate) or brownies, or I’m impatiently waiting in line at the grocery staring at a candy bar, I may give in. This is every so often, and I believe sweets make you sane, and I don’t want to go crazy.

Smoothies– I think smoothies are great. You can throw in lots of fruits and veggies, and it’s portable too! However… have you ever looked up the nutrition in one of those bad boys from your fave smoothie joint? Typically lots of sugar and carbs, and granted, a lot of that is from the fruit, but still. I either make my own smoothie at home, OR hit up my favorite smoothie place (Xtreme Juice!) once in a while (not once a week, like before). Making your own, versus buying in a store, is always smarter… you know exactly what and how much is going into your final product. You are in control of what goes down that esophagus, my friend!

Cereal– I stopped buying cereal a couple years ago, and that’s a good thing. I’d eat it for breakfast before work and it’d hold me over for 1.31 hours before my stomach would be growling for something substantial. Since then, I aim to eat eggs for breakfast, every single morning! (Usually 2 whole eggs + 1 egg white scrambled for those wondering). When we bought cereal, I could down 3 bowls, easy. And let’s be real, it doesn’t matter how “healthy” they make it seem on the box cover, it’s mostly sugar and very little protein.

Tell me….

It’s your last meal. Ever. What’s on it? Get real with me on this. 


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