Great American Bacon Race

So it turns out all Ryan needed was a little food motivation to sign up for a 5k— BACON.

Our friends that we play volleyball with love to run, and signed up a while ago for a 5k revolving around bacon. It still took a bit of convincing for Ryan to hop on board, but when I promised I’d run the whole thing with him, along with pass any judgments on his bacon intake, he was in.

Ryan actually has run a 5k in the past (took my brother’s spot when he wasn’t able to make it home for the race weekend) and he swore he’d never run another one. I believed him. So I was beyond thrilled that he was joining in on this one!

The Great American Bacon race takes place in a few locations in Florida, with Tampa being the last stop. There was pre-race bacon (which I maaaay have partaken in), a bacon station just after mile 1, and of course bacon at the finish. I love me some bacon, and I’m surprised my stomach was able to stomach the amount I took in 😉

People had fun with this race. We saw bacon socks (which I weirdly wanted), bacon costumes, and my personal favorite, Kevin Bacon shirts. Our little group was not creative at all and we regret it terribly. Next year.

The course itself was a tad boring, and rather hot, as 1. It’s Florida  and 2. it was in wide open spaces on the hot pavement with zero lovely scenery. So not ideal conditions. But for a fun run, who really cares. It was very loop-y, so you always saw some runners, going this way or that, which I didn’t mind. They gave out tiny water bottles, which I actually liked a lot better than water cups because they were contained and didn’t splash everywhere like normal!


Pic of the day

I was super proud of Ryan (our whole group really, but Ryan being the “non-runner”) for only stopping twice, each for about a minute. Not bad!! I felt like the course may have been a tad short, and afterward we asked someone with a watch who said it was just under 2.9 miles. So if that’s correct, that’s quite a bit short for a 5k race!

Either way, we finished under 29 mins! Go team. YOU CAN’T SET WITH US.


that is chocolate drizzled on top of bacon right there. there were seconds involved.



Give the boy some bacon, he runs a race. #science. #lifehacks.

Tell me….

what themed races have you run?

do you eat before a race?

favorite Kevin Bacon movie?

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