Giving BLUE APRON A Shot!

Giving BLUE APRON A Shot!

I love reading blogs. I love reading reviews of products and getting new ideas for things I want to try or buy. But I typically think thats cool and move on without much more thought. Well, I think by this point, I’ve read enough Blue Apron reviews that I HAD to try it out for myself…

Janae from Hungry Runner Girl absolutely loves this company and raves about the quality and taste of the meals. She was awesome enough to give the first 100 readers to sign up a $20 discount on their first Blue Apron purchase recently… so I decided to bite the bullet and go for it!

I’m decently challenged in the kitchen, and often find myself cooking the same thing over and over, usually because it’s easy or quick (read: bacon and eggs totally counts) With Blue Apron, they provide 3 meals for 2 people (the package I purchased) and it comes with all the ingredients, perfectly portion-sized, with the directions online making it SO DANG SIMPLE.

Meal #1: Catfish Piccata & Fresh Fettuccine —> My two hands have never made anything so flavorful in all their lives. It took me about an hour to prepare, but so worth it in my opinion! It was lemony and saucy and really really great. It was a bit too flavorful for Ryan but we have totally different palates… and this was my whole point of doing Blue Apron to begin with: wanting to try different things! We were both plenty full and satisfied from this first meal!

Giving BLUE APRON A Shot!Meal #2: Sumac-Spiced Steak & Honeynut Squash —-> another hearty meal. Our plates ended up looking so colorful and everything was delicious. This was my first time “pickling” onions and loved how they turned out. The apple walnut salad you make with it for a side was really good too… I can definitely see myself making it in the future. I found that we had to cook the steak a bit longer than it suggested, but other than that the recipe was simple to follow. Giving BLUE APRON A Shot!Meal #3: Spicy Korean Chicken Wings  —> this was like a good Chinese + sushi meal combined as far as the flavor goes. The sweet and savory glaze you make to go with it was AMAZING and I sure hope restaurants aren’t offended when I make more of it and bring it to add to every meal I ever eat again. (dramatic much? no but it was really that good) This one was hubs’ favorite! Giving BLUE APRON A Shot!

We received our next shipment for the week and I am already looking forward to get cookin’!  I probably won’t do posts for each week, but feel free to follow along my instagram, as I like to show off some of the meals. (Don’t hate, I’m used to seeing my meals look a LOT like scrambled eggs and unseasoned chicken) 😉

Tell me….

Have you tried Blue Apron?

Where do you find most of the recipes you put to use? Pinterest? Passed down from family? Your own concoctions?