Fresh Breath of Summer

mollyOriginally posted on There Goes Molly Rose:

If you haven’t guessed by now, I gave up on PiYo. Along with a scheduled workout routine. And guess what. It’s working out great for me.

Sometimes I feel an expectation to keep up with the fitness Jones’ in my real life and in the blogosphere. But if I’m being honest, lately, I’m not wanting to be in a regime, a set workout program, training for a race, or posting all my workouts. I’ve enjoyed just going with the flow this summer, working out when I want and for however long or however hard as I feel.

I wanted PiYo to happen but it’s just not happening. Perhaps in the future I’ll follow the program, but mehhh just not feeling it right now. Not really even wanting to find a program at all to follow.

As depressing as this post is so far (for all my fitness-driven readers hehe) I…

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