Spin Bike

We’ve added a new addition to our humble abode:


At our old apartment (our first “home” when we first got married) we actually purchased a bike trainer … this is a device that attaches to the back wheel of a normal bike and its basically the poor man’s version of a spin bike. This thing made SO much noise and I just didn’t enjoy it.

Since we are not members of a gym with fitness classes I have been without spin classes since 2011. This hurts.

I first discovered “spin class” during my sophomore year of college. Me and a friend would go to the 7a.m. class 2-3x/week. We were so hardcore! I continued attending these classes throughout the summers I stayed up there, and the normal school year as well. I love the feeling of getting a good sweat on and this workout guarantees it. I. Loved. It.

When I graduated and made my way back to Tampa, I joined an LA Fitness that had some really great spin instructors.  However, once we moved we decided to save dollars and not join a gym, when we had access to one in our complex. I have since been without, and have been convincing my hubby that we NEED to purchase one, so I can play at home!

We stopped at a Sports Authority one evening, because that’s sorta what we do for romantic date nights ;) and roamed around aimlessly (we’re good at that). As I was looking among the spin bikes, I saw one ON SALE. In Ryan’s world this means get it. We were joking about purchasing it and then next thing we knew we were hauling the darn thing back home.

This was a 3 hour romantic date night and probably one of the best. We were laughing at ourselves as we hauled it up to our place, took all the parts out of the box and we Ryan went to work putting together my latest toy.


This is the bike we purchased.

We don’t have a very big place, so the bike was going to end up in the dining room. For all to see. I am okay with this, as I am not a neat freak like some people every girl on the planet seems to be ;)

The bike has been put in different areas & angles in our dining room, so it gets juuuust the right angle of the TV, air vent, and reachability for the candy drawer. Just call me Sheldon Cooper.  I’m a big re-arranger so let’s see how long it stays put now.

When we made this purchase, I made a promise to mount the thing at least 1 hour a week (total) to justify having it in the first place. We’ve had it approximately 5ish months now and I am happy to report I’ve kept to my promise about 85%. =) Hey, at least I am not using it to hang my clothes on.


^Checking out how I feel on it. (felt great, but feet were bleeding ;)

Ryan adjusted it so it fits me perfectly (seat height and how far forward the seat is) and even bought a new pair of biking shorts. For anyone who has not taken a spin class before, be prepared to have a bruised booty for a few days if you’re not prepared for the proper shorts! It makes a world of difference.

So what do I do on the bike? There are times I just get on and go, without a real set workout in mind, but that rarely happens, and those seem to be the shortest workouts. I usually set a time goal before mounting that I’d like to meet. Whether it’s how much time do I have before I need to get ready for work or how long will dinner be in the oven or how long is my current TV guilty pleasure on for? Once I pick my time, then I pick my intensity.

I usually choose between 20-60 minutes to ride. When it’s 20-30 mins I typically turn on Pandora on our iPad and ride fast with less resistance. When I choose to ride 30-60 mins, I typically watch a show using the iPad. During commercial breaks (I have found these range in time from 30 sec to 2 mins) I will increase the resistance, then let it lighten up & spin fast during the actual show.


And then there are times that I pedal against a really difficult resistance for as long as possible, then flush out my legs by riding with no resistance, repeat =)

Do you currently, or have you ever, taken a spin class?

Which do you prefer: riding a bike outdoors, or inside with some A.C.

for me its 50/50! I love being outside and getting fresh air, but it’s also nice to be in some A.C. and watch TV! ;)