Carbs I Eat & Carbs I Limit

The following post is a continuation of my lil series about the new way I eat- lesser carbs. I will never completely eliminate carbs, but I’ve definitely taken it down a few notches in my every day life. Below you will find the carbs that have always been a part of my diet that I still eat on a nearly-daily basis, and those I eat only on occasion, but do not deprive myself of.

Edited to add: this is NOT a complete food list of every carbohydrate that I consume, just the most frequent ones 😉

EATVeggies– I heart veggies. I really do. I’m pretty certain broccoli was one of my faves growing up, and I can eat squash like its my job. There’s really not a vegetable I don’t like, and I eat them at both lunch and dinner every day! My favorite: raw mini sweet bell peppers dipped in guacamole! (PS If a veggie is high in carbohydrates, it’s because it’s high in dietary fiber, which is good for you!)

Fruits– this could technically go under “eat” and “limit”, because some fruits I eat freely, others I’m more cautious about how much I consume. I typically stick with purchasing only berries at the grocery store, and eat a handful for breakfast, and usually at some point when I’m home from work. My fave berries are blackberries and strawberries. Fruits like bananas and apples (higher sugar content, therefore higher in carbs) I don’t eat that often anymore. I probably should though- my muscles cramp like crazy after a long run/leg day at the gym plus I do want to keep the doctor away 😉 What can I say, my diet isn’t perfect, and this whole eating thing I’m doing isn’t supposed to be a plan for my readers to follow, simply sharing what I do!

Sweet potatoes– aside from the annoyingly long time it takes to bake one of those suckers, I love love love sweet potatoes. I like to either dice them up and eat as a snack/in a salad, or eat as is with some butter and cinnamon topped on, yum! Fun fact: I eat the skin!

Wine – you can’t tell me wine is bad for me.


Pancakes/waffles– I didn’t eat these all that often before, but when I did, #stacksonstacksonstacks. So now, I’m a bit more mindful and eat only 1 or 2. Got any chocolate chip morsels I can add?

Popcorn– every time we went to the movie theater, we’d go all out and get popcorn and diet coke (ya know, to even it out) Well now, we don’t ever get the popcorn- or DC- and it is SO hard. The smells! The overly-buttered goodness is prob a good thing to skip though. If a friend pops some popcorn at home or the single packs are BOGO at Publix, I may partake.

Chips– chips and salsa used to be one of my favorite restaurant/party appetizers… and guess what? Still is. If it’s out at a party or if my table orders it at a restaurant (better yet, if it comes out free) you can guarantee my hands will be all in that. Good thing I have like 5 friends, so I don’t get out and get chip-faced much 😉

Pizza– we shoot for once a month, but if an extra pizza date gets thrown in there, I am a-okay J This used to be a once-a-week meal for Ryan and I, and we’d easily kill a whole pizza. We’re talking halvsies here, I eat like a man. Needless to say, when pizza night comes, I eat my fair share, but now just not as often.

Wraps/Sandwiches– I rarely, if ever, eat these anymore! I find I usually eat a “sandwich” when it’s the bun of a hamburger. Otherwise, I try to pass up bread best I can. You can still enjoy deli meats and tuna salad and whatnot, just roll up the turkey with some cheese, or put a fork to the tuna salad… bread’s not always necessary!

Cookies/Candies– I never bought these things before, so I still don’t, obviously. But yet again, when I am in the presence of cookies (homemade or store bought, I don’t discriminate) or brownies, or I’m impatiently waiting in line at the grocery staring at a candy bar, I may give in. This is every so often, and I believe sweets make you sane, and I don’t want to go crazy.

Smoothies– I think smoothies are great. You can throw in lots of fruits and veggies, and it’s portable too! However… have you ever looked up the nutrition in one of those bad boys from your fave smoothie joint? Typically lots of sugar and carbs, and granted, a lot of that is from the fruit, but still. I either make my own smoothie at home, OR hit up my favorite smoothie place (Xtreme Juice!) once in a while (not once a week, like before). Making your own, versus buying in a store, is always smarter… you know exactly what and how much is going into your final product. You are in control of what goes down that esophagus, my friend!

Cereal– I stopped buying cereal a couple years ago, and that’s a good thing. I’d eat it for breakfast before work and it’d hold me over for 1.31 hours before my stomach would be growling for something substantial. Since then, I aim to eat eggs for breakfast, every single morning! (Usually 2 whole eggs + 1 egg white scrambled for those wondering). When we bought cereal, I could down 3 bowls, easy. And let’s be real, it doesn’t matter how “healthy” they make it seem on the box cover, it’s mostly sugar and very little protein.

Tell me….

It’s your last meal. Ever. What’s on it? Get real with me on this. 


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