Boston Part II


Day 3

On our third day in Boston, we began by using our Go Card to take the Charles River boat tour that runs through Boston and Cambridge. Beautiful city scenery to our right and left the whole tour!





Next, we used the card for the Samuel Adams brewery tour. To our pleasant surprise, there were many other FSU fans visiting the same tour (okayyy, maybe not totally surprised 😉 )

We’ve done our fair share of brew tours, and this one followed suit, including tastings and a glass to-go! We actually got 3 glasses (1 each from the tasting, and 1 for presenting the Go Card). A whole new cup cabinet at our home 😉




By now we were hungry! Ryan picked out Boston Burger Company to fill our tummies, and YOU GUYS. Best burgers we’ve ever had (that’s a huge statement coming from us) and most unique burgers we’ve ever tried.


Mine (above) included bacon, bananas, cinnamon sugar, and peanut butter, and Ryan’s (below) included bacon, mac n cheese, mozzarella sticks, and other greatness.

wpid-20150918_142724_hdr.jpgLive Update: our hearts are still beating and arteries still flowing following this meal.

We originally wanted to fit in taking a tour of Fenway on this day, but by this time we were tired, and just wanted to head back to our hotel to relax before the Big Game.

wpid-20150918_150356_hdr.jpgsnagged a pic, moved on

After a quick nap and costume change, we were on our way to see our Noles play! We stopped at Harry’s Bar for a couple drinks before making our way to Boston College’s football stadium.


Side note: this stadium/campus was farrrrr from where we stayed. I felt like we weren’t even in Boston anymore! Where was Hahvahd Yahd??!!



The Noles like to make us nervous, but hey, still winning!

We made it “home” rather late, which wasn’t ideal for the next morning’s event: 5k!

Day 4

I signed us both up for the Freedom Trail 5k after reading great reviews on Trip Advisor . The great part: it’s not a straight 5k run; there are multiple stops along the way to learn about the rich history of the city. In fact, the longest leg is only half a mile, making this “running” tour doable for most!

We were a group of about 25, and all stayed together pretty well. There were 2 guides, Eddie and Shelley, and they did a great job entertaining us and giving us a great guided tour of the city by running shoes!


We stopped at a couple different graveyards, churches, marketplaces, the home of Paul Revere, Ben Franklin’s birthplace, and crossed the bridge to Charlestown. Seen on the run….









After the run, we returned close to our starting spot by ferry. More beautiful views in an area we hadn’t seen yet!



wpid-20150919_102158_hdr.jpgProud of this one for running with me!

Following the run, obviously we were hungry. Our last bucket list food stop was James Hook & Co for a lobster roll! Another WIN. They stuff a baked hot dog bun (type-thing) JAM PACKED with lobster. It was ridiculously good , we both agree.



We grabbed some coffee and chilled at the hotel a bit before heading back home. Another great vacation in the books… oh, and GO NOLES! 🙂

Tell me…

Give me your top 3 burger toppings.

Favorite type of fish to eat?

Do you like to run on vacation? If time allows? Or heck no, you’re on vacation?

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