Boston Part I

Welcome to football season fall! 😉

As you may know, Ryan and I love to watch our Noles play. And if we can physically be there to soak in the football atmosphere, even better. While he is the one who has the schedule memorized and actually knows the player’s names, I do enjoy taking tips from Sam Ponder’s outfit during College Gameday, eating gameday grub, and yelling at the TV when something exciting happens during the game. That counts for something.

As much as we love Doak Campbell Stadium in Tallahassee (seriously- it’s a beautiful stadium/building) we also love to go to “away games” and root our team on as visitors. You can read about our visits to Clemson and Dallas.

This year we chose to travel to Boston for the FSU v Boston College game! >>——–>

Ryan had been to Boston once before but only for a day, and it was a completely new place for me… We were excited to spend about 4 days exploring the town!

Day 1

wpid-20150916_141920_hdr.jpga coffee shop close to where we stayed– hit it up more than once 😉

We arrived in Boston around noon on Wednesday and had a pretty chill day planned. After checking in to our hotel, we wondered our way to the Subway system. Since we stayed a little farther from the downtown area, we knew we’d need subway passes to get to and fro (we also didn’t rent a car). We stayed at the Sheraton Commander, right plop down in the middle of part of Harvard’s campus! We had to walk through campus to get anywhere, and I think our IQ improved a tad. Just from walking through! Crazy, no?! 😉


wpid-20150919_073659_hdr.jpgfun statue we passed each day. It reminds me of Warrior I, but I’m sure there’s a much deeper explanation…..

We made our way to the classic Cheers restaurant (where the show was filmed). I only watched Cheers by default since my parents loved it when I was growing up, but since we’re excellent tourists– it made our Boston bucket list.

wpid-20150916_150609_hdr.jpgWe were big fans of the Samuel Adams Brick Red beer!!

From here, we made our way by foot to the iconic Boston Marathon finish line. You guys. I got chills seeing that thing. I have zero desire (right now, at least) to run 26.2 miles at a time, but I hope one day I do have that desire and SOMEHOW get the chance to run the Boston Marathon. #goals


wpid-20150916_164602_hdr.jpgRyan’s valiant effort across the finish line {{please take note of the direction he’s running}}


After seeing the finish line, we continued wandering (we’re good at this) and ended up at a scenic park, where we people-watched (we’re good at this too, so many talents) There were tons of runners out and it made me want to move there asap and force them to be my friend and run with everyone every day (this is the finish line sighting talking here)

Day 2

We purchased Go Cards for Boston, which basically gives you a bunch of options of things to do at a discounted price. We did this in Chicago and NYC in the past.

wpid-20150917_103709_hdr.jpgwalked a lot around town before picking up the passes… beauty every where we passed. I think this was near Milk St….


wpid-20150917_114150_hdr.jpgAte at highly-rated Sam Lagrasses’ for an early lunch to fuel our day. SO good


We picked up the Go Cards near the Aquarium and used it right then and there to get some AC! It was pretty dang hot during our visit there (mornings and nights were a lot cooler) which we were kinda disappointed about, since all we wanted was to escape the heat from Florida!

wpid-20150917_124218_hdr.jpgdid a quick run-through of the aquarium. Is this not the largest turtle EVA

We had plans to use the cards for bike rentals at Urban AdvenTours to pedal through Boston on our own! We found the bike rental place, signed a waiver that we didn’t read, and off we went!


We took these bad boys through some parks, along the streets (terrifying), the Navy Yard, and multiple stops for water/drinks to stay hydrated.


wpid-20150917_143520_hdr.jpgfun watching this thing go from water to land

Stopped by the Charlestown Navy Yard while on our bikes… parked them and walked around a bit. The oldest commissioned warship below.







Later that evening, we freshened up at the hotel, then headed out for dinner at King’s… highly rated by Trip Advisor. It’s a restaurant attached to a bowling alley, but no worries… no smell of smoke, and actually a pretty clean atmosphere! We ordered the specials pictured below and they were DELICIOUS. We highly recommend trying them out.



And if that wasn’t enough, we stopped by another restaurant after walking around town for a bit to get some New England Clam Chowder— very yum! Vacation for us=lots of yummy food. Tasting the town. Really any excuse to eat lots 😉

Stay tuned for the last 2 days!

Tell me…..

Who’s been to Boston?

Anyone run the Boston Marathon or has hopes and plans to in the future?!

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