Blue Angels


This weekend Ryan and I made the drive up to Pensacola to visit his mom and stepdad, and to experience the Blue Angels performance at the beach. I had never gotten to see them before and was so excited to finally get the chance, and to do so from the best vantage point- his stepdad’s boat!

The Blue Angels is a flight squadron made up of aviators from the U.S. Navy and Marines that perform aerobatics and terrifying tricks right above your head over the beach.

The actual show started at 2pm on Saturday, but since the whole city + out-of-towners come to see this performance, me, Ryan, his stepdad, and his daughter decided to make the most of our day and head out at to avoid the traffic and to get some fishing in before the show.

We left at 7am and made the quick drive to the docks. It was already pretty busy, but thankfully we didn’t have to wait too long to get going on the boat.

I don’t fish. It’s not really my thing (plus there’s the whole we-don’t-own-a-boat thing) but it’s not often we get up to P-cola and out on the boat, so I went with the flow and pretended I knew what I was doing with the fishing rod.

Amazingly, I caught 2 red snappers! It was pretty exciting, I must say, but clearly I do not like handling fish.



Ryan also caught a red snapper, but it was too small (the rules of catching fish are over my head) so we had to throw it back. He also caught a shark which I was not okay with. Probably the closest I’ve ever been to one, and even though it wasn’t big, I’d be fine if it’s the closest I ever get to one.



Reeling in Jaws 🙂

We all got fooled by some Ramora fish… they swam closer to the surface and would grab our bait whenever we reeled them up.

wpid-20150711_092653_hdr.jpgThese ramora fish have suctions that they use to latch on to sharks and such for a free ride. Brilliant.

Once through with fishing, his stepdad drove the boat towards the beach to get us a good “spot” for the upcoming show and he made sure to get us where we’d have the best views and scenery. I am a pretty big fan of planes in general-I even like being at an airport- so I was pretty excited for the show.

wpid-20150711_082119_hdr.jpgNavy ship

wpid-img-20150711-wa0003.jpgA group of about 6 dolphins hung out with us for a while. As many times as I’ve seen dolphins in my life, it never gets old.

wpid-img-20150711-wa0002.jpgThe dolphins swimming right beneath us

The beach was PACKED. I cannot imagine being out there. Thankfully we had an umbrella for our boat so it allowed for some shade, as we all had soaked up plenty of sun already. We let our feet dangle in the water as the planes prepared for the big event.

“Fat Albert” was the first to show, a “Hercules” airplane.

wpid-20150711_140702_hdr.jpgFat Albert ridin’ low

Then it was time for the Blue Angels. Six of these planes were up in the air while they played around, flew up, straight down, upside down, maneuvered in between each other (were talking 18 inches apart from each other) and made for some great entertainment. Being out on the water for this was so ideal, and I think I’ve been spoiled because I wouldn’t want to go back and watch it any other way 😉






I find it incredible what these pilots are able to pull off. Truly impressive stuff and highly entertaining, especially if you love planes like me. Definitely a fun weekend being outdoors and on the water!

Tell me….

Have you ever seen the Blue Angels?

Traveling via the sky: a fan or not so much?

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