Best Damn Race 5k: Safety Harbor

I signed up for a race nearby, another Best Damn Race!

I chose the 5k, mostly for the kind start time: 9am, versus 6:45(!) for the 10k, and 7:15 for the half marathon.

My co-worker and her husband also ran it, and I bumped into another running friend of mine, as well as Meghann. Local races for the win!

….some of the coolest therapists you will ever meet

My parents picked Ryan and I up around 8 –yep all my cheerleaders in tow!– and off we headed towards a nifty lil town called Safety Harbor, about 20 mins away from us. The race started at the Resort & Marina, ran through neighborhoods and along the water (my favorite types of races!) and finished back at a park near the marina where BDR puts on a great post-race set-up: beeeeeer, music, and great food choices from Pollo Tropical, Jimmy Johns, and Dunkin Donuts!

The race itself: perfect freaking weather. In the 50s so I chose a long sleeve and shorts to banter about in. Like I said, the course was just the way I like them, with things to look at each turn. There were minor inclines/declines to keep your legs awake, but overall a flat course. I think next year it would be fun to run the half at this race.

Everyone focused on the music and Garmins before crossing the start line. Me just posing for the blog so I can laugh at myself later.

I felt like I ran hard the whole time, however maybe too hard in the beginning. Whyyyy self, why!? Always a struggle for me. One girl I ran with/ahead of/behind for the majority of the race. I think we were in competition with each other, but could just be me 😉 Ps she ended up with super powers at the end and finished just ahead of me, womp. But she gave me a good push throughout the race- an average pace of 8:15 min/miles.

I zoomed in this one for my insta… the hashtag #likeagirl came from THIS Super Bowl commercial… ones of my faves!

Who’s face is better??? Me or Mr Swagtastic up in front?!

I believe I am going to count this as my new new personal best 5k time. My current PR is from this 5k last year, however my Garmin told me it was 3.08 miles (instead of 3.1) and I really don’t think I was in shape to run a 25:15 at that time. Plus it always bothered me it wasn’t a full 3.1 according to my stupid watch- ha! My watch is like Google. It knows everything and is always right. At the end of this race, G said “Fastest 5k!” at 25:38, so I think I’m going to stick with this race being my fastest 3.1 .

I placed well in my age division, and I felt strong and happy with that time! 5ks hurt, man! I feel like there is no time to slack during those miles… anyone else feel this way?!

Tell me…

Do you pick random people to stick with during a run to help push yourself?

Favorite race distance and why?!

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