Best Damn Race 10k: Jacksonville

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First race of the new year: check!

Best Damn Race puts on some really fun races. You can read about my 5k experience in Orlando here. There are different locations of the race in FL throughout the year, and this year they introduced Jacksonville to the race. I am a frequent visitor of Jax, as my father in law lives there, as well as my best friend from college. So when I read that BDR was putting on a race there, I told my friend we were signing up!

Even though we both loved working out in college, neither of us were too into running at that time, so this was going to be our first race together. The race began at 7am and it was 39 degrees out. Not 93. 39. This is very, very cold for these Florida natives 🙂


It’s so tough to un-bundle and get out of your warm car to stand in the freezing cold at the start line! It was still very dark out, but the buzzing of runners surrounding us got us hyped up for the 6.2 miles that lay ahead.


Matching Brooks Ravennas!

There is a Maxwell House coffee plant along the beginning of this route and MAN did that coffee smell good. The scent in the air made me feel warm and cozy even though I was so cold and my legs so stiff. Cold weather=stiff running limbs. Just me?

Gotta love free race photos, thanks BDR!

We stuck together for the first ~1.5 miles. We parted ways after the first bridge. From there, the course went all through downtown Jax and offered some really great views. Having pretty scenery to look at, particularly in a new-to-me location, helps keep me distracted from the pain of pushing through a race.

Photo courtesy of Lauren 🙂

And then came another (different) bridge. Completely took it out of me! I was exhausted from there on out, which I believe was just before mile 5 if I remember correctly… my brain gets foggy during a race, sometimes 🙂 I had to push myself pretty hard to keep a decent pace to the end.

I shaved 7 whole seconds off my 10k Turkey Trot time, just making out a personal best. WOOP!

I was hoping to finish a whole minute faster than my previous PR, but I am still really happy with how I did. I seem to run well in the cold, so as much as it stinks in the beginning, I’m so thankful for it by the end! PS my friend did A-MAZING; it was her first 10k and she kind of killed it. We have more races scheduled to run together coming up and I simply cannot wait.


Tell me….

At what temps do you run best?

If there was a strong smell of coffee in the air during a race would you: a. smile because coffee is heaven. b. stop running and go get you some. or c. need to poop

all I’m saying is I’m glad I completed c before the race start.

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