Beach Volleyball: Two Blocks Away

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Volleyball is my sport. I joined the JV team my freshman year of high school and I was absolutely terrible. I did it because my best friend was on the team and her mom was the coach and I sure as heck wanted to be a part of something when entering the dark ages (aka high school).

I picked it up. By the next season, I was serving overhand (and in bounds!) without a flinch, could dig rather well, and was working on being an outside hitter. I had found my sport.

I liked that it wasn’t a contact sport, that communication and everyone being a team player was key, and that my right upper trap was a little stronger than my left thanks to finally getting decent at spiking at the net 😉

In college, I played volleyball intramurals and continued to get better, even though it was more just for fun. It was a great way to meet more people, and what else was I going to do a 9pm on a school night, study??

While court volleyball isn’t really an option anymore, I have found a passion for sand volleyball! And the best part… its something my husband enjoys as well. To me, there is nothing better than finding a hobby you and your spouse have fun doing together. Sure I enjoy running solo, as its my personal escape, and hubs has his own things he prefers to do sans wife, but when we come together and are able to release our competitiveness a little, this is a win all around.

There is an adult sports league in our area that offers all sorts of sports for people to play. (Who knew you could still have fun like that after college!?) We previously played on an ultimate Frisbee team when we first got married and looked forward to our once-a-week nightly game. So when one of his coworkers asked if he was interested in getting a team together to play beach volleyball, we were all in.

With its convenient location and fun atmosphere, we had a blast each week hitting the ball around with friends. We signed up in the “recreation” league since the four of us hadn’t played together and we weren’t so sure about the competition. While some of the games were a bit of an easy win, we had some challenges and I think recreation is just where we needed to start 🙂

We played 8 games total, but only 3 of them had our whole team there! It seemed every week one of us had a work obligation to attend to. However, even with a 3-man team we won all games but one.



In playoffs, we were to play the two hardest teams. If we won the first game, we would make it to the championship, woop! The first team gave us a run for our money but we were able to beat them in 2 games (its best 2 out of 3, playing to 21 points, rally scoring). The championship started 30 minutes later. Our team rested and watched in awe of the team we were to play warming up. Like… we literally stood semi-circle on our side of the net and watched them pepper the ball. Winners.

Don’t ask how it happened. But we beat them in two games. The rules were a lot more strict for the playoffs/championship, and I think that threw off their game a bit. They had 6 players total that they had to rotate in and the ref was calling every little thing you could think of. Somehow this landed to our advantage and before we knew it championship glasses were being forced in our hands and we huddled together to take our winners’ pic.

champs(No, we didn’t wear bikinis. It was freezing almost every game. Oh, and also we would just never do that!)

20140227_180055Parental support at almost every game! Any game that started before 8pm (haha) my parents would make the drive to come watch.

IMG_0440Always a nice view when we played!

These winners can’t get enough. We’ve recruited more people and we plan on playing next season! Stay tuned!


What sport did you play in high school/college? Do you still play it for fun/for serious??

Tell me one active thing you enjoy doing with your significant other?!

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