Next port of call: Antigua! Here, we booked an excursion through our ship to go horse back riding. Neither of us are huge fans of riding horses, but we thought it’d be a neat way to see the island PLUS you get a chance to ride bareback in to the ocean. Cool enough for us!

Once we found our group, we took a quick bus ride to the place our riding journey would begin. Ryan left his sunglasses on the boat, so he had to purchase a pair … he reminded me of someone from the Jersey Shore in them, and I made fun of him all day.

After brief instructions from our guide, we were all placed onto horses and lined up to begin. The journey itself was pretty quiet, as there were lots of us and obviously the tour guide couldn’t shout things from where he was located. But that was fine… it was nice to relax a bit while taking in the scenery ourselves.


We rode on dirt, gravel roads, the sand, and later the water… these horses were masters of all terrain! We stopped at one point for pictures, before winding back to the beach for the opportunity to bareback into the ocean.





20150507_101307Guido status



Being bareback was really different! You hold on to their mane, which I was scared hurt them, but we were reassured it does not. And not having a saddle to sit on made for an awkward sitting experience- hah!





The water felt amazing and I bet the horses enjoy it, too. It was a quick out-and-back journey in the water, and I wish that part had lasted a bit longer. We have friends who did something similar at a different island, and they said they didn’t have a guide leading the horses in the water and the horses actually swam (ours were able to touch the bottom). So a different experience, but either way it was still really neat to ride horses in that environment.



Afterwards was the bus ride back, however Ryan and I decided to hang out on the island for a while! We grabbed their local beer, Wadadli at a bar, and I waded in the ocean while Ryan stayed ashore a bit before joining me. I think I am slowly getting over my fear of being more than ankles-deep in the ocean…. at least in clear blue waters 🙂




wpid-20150507_200617.jpgFormal dinner #2

Tell me….

choose one: riding bareback in the water//riding a donkey down the grand canyon (which is more terrifying)

choose another: jersey shore//teen mom (which is more terrifying)

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