30 Day Squat Challenge

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So, you know how you spend hours at night in bed pinteresting? Scroll, like, scroll, laugh-out-loud-but-don’t-repin-because-too-inappropriate, scroll, repin, scroll, create-new-board-just-for-this-pin. Just me? OK.

Well I’m guilty of pinning to make me look like a good cook, a fashionista, a hardcore exerciser. I must say I’ve made some great recipes from Pinterest, and I’ve even made a PROJECT thanks to the crafty site.(shocker if you know me at all) But I rarely go to my “Endorphins” board and dothe workouts they offer.

I decided to discipline myself and do THIS  30 Day Squat Challenge found from PopSugar Fitness. I’ve seen a couple different versions of squat challenges, sit-up challenges, 30 day challenges, etc. but since I happen to love squats, I figured this would be the one for me.

I started August 20th and just finished today! I knew this wasn’t going to be a body-changing experience or that my butt would come out looking like a Kardashian, but I liked the fact that it would give me something to do every day. Even if it’s mostly a “rest day”, knowing that I did x amount of squats made me feel a little more accomplished.

In summary, this challenge includes 5 different kinds of squats, and it has you do a certain amount of each variety, a certain amount of times per day. I liked this particular one, because it wasn’t just a basic squat. It mixed it up with different styles of squats, which kept it a bit more interesting. On the last day, you do 200 squats.


What’s funny is you smile JUST like this while doing each squat. I’m lying.

There are set rest days every 3 days, which was nice considering I would do something like 135, 75, 140 squats on consecutive days. A booty’s gotta rest!

Doing so many squats also encouraged me to stretch more. Stretching is honestly one of my favorite things to do that I ignore too often. I stretched at work, on my yoga mat, and with use of my foam roller.

I typically split up the sets throughout the day (which probably defeats the purpose but whatever). I’d try to do one set first thing in the morning, one during lunch break (or with a capable patient!) and the remaining sets at home at night. I liked splitting it up, and I think this kept me from being too sore the next day.

I am proud I stuck with this challenge, but I probably won’t be doing a squat for a very long time (I give it a month).


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