Low{er} Carb Dranks n Shakes

Hi! Remember when I put myself out there with THIS POST and said I’d be sharing more on my eatings?! Well here’s one 🙂 Later on about the changes of my chomping, but what am I gulping?!!

Previous liquid consumptions:

— diet soda

–light beer

–red wine


–2% milk

Light beer and red wines are still consumed on occasion, but I usually look up their carb content before drinking. Just FYI, the best red wines for ya are merlot, cabernet, and pinot noir, most are < 4 g carbs. Margaritas are a RARE treat. We’re talking… something awesome better have just happened. I do my best to stay away from sugary laden alcohol these days!

Enjoying some butter beer with Ma in Harry Potter World a couple months back. Talk about YUM. Also, a total treat.

Diet soda….ohh DC and DDP how I never thought I could break away from you. Until I discovered LA CROIX, which I also call La Crack, because I cannot get enough. While visiting my in-laws last month, my MIL was sipping away on this stuff, and I became curious. Sure DC has no carbs, but it also has a lot of crap in it to make it tasty. So anyway, I wanted to try this La Croix. I took a sip and bleh. Not yummy. Not DC/DDP. La Crap. But I noticed it immediately fixed my “need” for carbonation! Wuuuuut. Apparently that’s all my body really craves… a little carbonation kick! While its not nearly as tasty or sweet as a soda or diet soda… it’s ingredients contain water + natural flavoring (which yes, I know can be questionable) but its instead of fakey fake sugar names that will poison my body. I do get soda cravings, but as soon as I take a few sips of La Croix BAM they’re gone. I am about 6-weeks strong of no diet soda you guys! Seriously a miracle worker and I’m in the middle of writing a book about it.

I have traded in cows milk for almond milk! I don’t drink it straight, but it goes in my coffee, smoothies or protein shakes. Unsweetened vanilla almond milk is where it is at. Touch of sweetness and we’re talking 1g of carbs verses 13g in 2% cows milk.

Protein shakes! So as if I haven’t bugged you enough that I heart strength training now, I’m telling you again.. I lift weights 🙂 My hubs pushed me to replenish quickly with protein after a workout, and now I simply drink it during or right after a weights session. Shout-outs to my favorite: EAS lean chocolate, SLAP peanut butter, BodyTech cookies n cream! I mix 1 or 2 scoops with water or almond milk and add some ice!

Smoothies: these are rare, mainly because I know I’m too lazy to clean the dang blender. But they also contain a lot of sugar, which is why I try to make them at home more often than purchase them. I typically add: frozen fruit such as mango/peach/blueberries/strawberries, ice, unsweet vanilla almond milk, and cinnamon. I use to add yogurt for a more creamy texture, but that itself is high in carbs and sugar, and I find I like smoothies just as much without it.

H2O– oh, should probably mention this liquid, huh?! I honestly almost published this post without it, and that’s probably why I forget to drink it so much! I try to put in an effort to drink 3 glasses a day (I know…and that’s on a good day) but I tend to forget. But if I’m going in for the kill with a second cup of joe in the a.m., I drink a glass of water first. I do stupid games like that in order to get myself to drink more water.

Tell me….

What is on your typical drink list throughout the week??

Do you drink enough water?

-me, nope.

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ps, in case you’re concerned, I bring up coffee in a later post.

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