Yoga for Runners

Tying my two favorite things for this post – yoga & running! I hear so many runners complain of tightness in their hips and legs from all their running, yet they openly admit that they incorporate little to no stretching after their runs. So I am here with some of my favorite stretches that I feel benefit my lower body the most after a good run.

I may have fudged the names of these. Newbie 🙂

Downward Dog– keep your shoulders down and away from your ears//press your heels into the ground//try to keep knees straight//great for calves n hammies

Walk the Dog– in downward dog, gently bend one knee at a time//great for calve

Standing Toe-Touch/Hang– legs straight, hip width apart, try to touch your toes//for more intense stretch grasp either elbow and just hang//slowly stand, and perhaps bend your knees a bit//great for hamstrings


Arching 3-Legged Dog–from downward dog, kick one leg straight back, bend knee and open hip over standing leg//reverse steps to exit safely//great for torso and quads

Open Lizard–from downward dog, bring one knee forward and plant on ground//let back leg rest completely//stay here or lean over hips//great for hips

Spinal Twist–from sitting with legs straight out in front of you, bring one leg across the other and plant foot//gently turn away from planted leg//great for glutes

Low Warrior– like a lunge, but plant the back knee down//lean forward onto front heel//great for hip flexors of back leg

Low Warrior with Bent Knee–from low warrior, twist towards front leg and try to grab opposite ankle//great for hip flexor and quad of back leg

Triangle– face the side, arms out wide, leaning from hip bring one arm down and reach opposite arm overhead//great for inner thigh and opposite torso

After taking these pics and looking at them, I see so much room for improvement! In class, you are usually looking up, down, or away from body, rarely in the mirror. So now I know I don’t quite look like the instructor…. room to grow!

Tell me…

Do you take the time to stretch?

What area feels the tightest after you run?

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